Segway x160 price, top speed, range & all specs

Segway is famous for producing high-quality bikes. With the launch of its new electric dirt bike segway x160, Segway is entering the market for electric power sports. The X160 is a light, medium-sized electric dirt bike originally developed for striking both on- and off-road surfaces. The bike’s size allows it to fit both adults and teenagers.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything including price range & battery range; power & performance specifications; and a final review of this new segway’s dirt e-bike.

segway x160 Features

The features of segway x160 are as follows:

  • It is small, light in weight, relatively inexpensive, and manageable.
  • This Dirt eBike is a good next step between traditional dirt bikes and mountain bikes.
  • New riders can jump right into the thrilling off-road explorations cheers to the superior performance of the Segway Dirt eBike’s compact body.
  • The aluminum alloy body of this eBike with heat dissipation and an IP 67-grade waterproof lever enables it to traverse any off-road terrain.
  • Field Aligned Controls provide stability and adjust to your riding style.

segway x160 Price

The price of the X160 can vary depending on what color you choose and also on which place you are living currently. The cost of this dirt ebike is roughly around $4999. If you want something simple but functional enough as an entry-level model then this will be a great option for you.

segway x160 Range & Battery

A strong battery and a long range are also extremely important for any high-performance dirt ebike. The X160 will take care of that for you. A 20Ah Lithium battery is made available to you that charges in just 4 hours. The battery in the X160 is replaceable. Simply swap out your old battery for a fully charged one to complete the process.

It has a 40.4 miles range, which is unbelievable for any battery. Additionally, you are protected because the charging port is guarded against overheating, short-circuiting, over-current, and over-charging.

segway x160 price
Segway Dirt Bike(image: Segway)

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Segway x160 Top Speed & Power

It’s not just for show when a dirt bike and a mountain bike are combined into one vehicle. A powerful and effective performance can be set in motion in a few seconds by the Segway Dirt eBike. A strong 300-watt electric motor allows the X160 to reach a top speed of 31.1 mph (50 km/h). The motor produces a torque of 162.2 lb-ft (220 Nm).

You can be sure that the X160 can perform well in any terrain because they were designed with off-roading in mind. The Segway Dirt eBikes can navigate even the roughest terrains, including smooth, paved roads, rocky trails, and sandy shorelines. It makes an honorable choice for quick laps on dirt trails and tracks.

In addition, this bike has a fantastic peak torque of 162.2 ft-lbs and a 4.02-second 0 to top speed acceleration time. A surprising amount of power for such a compact bike.

Design of the segway x160

The X160 flaunts almost universal compatibility with bike components and the ability for simple outfitting to your preferences. This makes the vehicle very adaptable; feel free to renovate and modify this electric dirt bike to best suit your needs. Additionally, the seat height and frame length are both fully adjustable to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. The expanded platform can fit up to 2 people, making it ideal for your crime partner.

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segway x160 range
Segway dirt ebike 160(image: Segway)

Specifications of the segway x160

These are some of the safety and connectivity specification features of the Segway x160 electric bike.

Segway x160 Brakes & Saftery

For maximum performance, it has a dual-drive system that improves the total torque power of your wheels. The disc brakes on the front and back of this e-bike allow you to stop more effectively in wet conditions. They have much stronger braking systems than most other techniques, which can withstand much higher temperatures.

Segway x160 connectivity

Additionally, a Bluetooth connection can be used to link the X160 to the Segway-Ninebot App. You can access various controls and e-bike firmware updates through the app. The app also makes it simple to keep track of your riding statistics, riding settings, and routes. To begin the data connections, simply turn your key.

Segway x160 Tires

To make the ride more comfortable, its tires have excellent shock absorption and a front fork that is adjustable and has 10 inches of ground clearance.

Segway x160 Riding Modes

There are 2 riding modes are available in the Segway x160 electric dirt bike.

  • Sport Mode

The Sport Mode specifically unlocks the maximum potential of the bike which gives you the best performance that helps for extreme off-roading and fast ride.

  • EP Mode

The EP mode limits the power of the x160 dirt bike which helps to increase the range of the bike.

Segway x160 Review

It is simpler to control because the X160 is so light. It accelerates very well in sport or eco mode on tier, slippery roads, and walking paths. Its sport performance is adequate but its eco performance on trails with a relatively steep incline is not as good as a sport. It has a long battery life. Using the app, you can easily adjust the maximum power and throttle response. You can monitor your battery performance and rides. Forks and shock both function well. Reliable brakes. For people taller than 5′, the handlebars are a little too short.

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segway x160 top speed
image: Segway

Segway x160 Specs

Motor300 watt
Range40.4 miles
Charging Time4 hours
Horsepower4 hp
Torque162.2 ft-lbs
Top Speed31.1 mph(50km/h)
0-31 mph4.5 seconds
Weight Limit176.4 lbs(80 kg)
Curb Weight105.8 lbs(47 kg)
Segway x160 Specs

FAQs of Segway x160

How much does a segway x160 cost?

The segway x160 price starts from $4999 in the US.

Is the segway x160 street legal?

No, the segway x160 is not a street-legal bike.

How fast does a segway x160 go?

The segway x160 can reach a top speed of 31 mph and can accelerate from 0-31 mph in 4.5 seconds.

How old do you have to be to ride a Segway X160?

The segway recommend the x160 dirt bike is suitable for those above 18 years old but on private property, a 14-year-old can also ride it under safe conditions.

What is the range of segway x160?

From a full charge segway x160 can go up to 40 miles.

segway dirt ebike x160(video: Tech We Want)

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The X160 is a great Segway if you’re looking to get out and about in your city or town. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much space on the road (or sidewalk). If this sounds like something that could be useful for you then we highly recommend getting one! We hope that this article has helped you understand all of the different aspects of this amazing machine! We’re excited for you to know about its capabilities and get yourself on board with this new trend in transportation.

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