New Tesla Software Update is coming soon with new features

Tesla is set to release a new Software update on its EVs which would have new features and an improved user interface.

Yes, according to a recent Tweet by the Teslascope where he mentioned Tesla is set to release its 2023.12 updates for the employee’s EVs which will later be released to all Tesla EVs.

Now according to this Tweet, this new software update has a new improved interface and other features like

  • Text Size Adjustment
  • Controls Search
  • Points of interest
  • Phone call controls
  • And more control options in the left control panel of the steering wheel

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It seems like Tesla making its software so much easy and more advanced which makes it one of the best car software in the world.

Now in this new update, Tesla added two new font sizes standard and large to better use its software for a wider audience and with a dedicated search option to navigate and get access to all features.

Also, in this update, Tesla has added more control options for its left side control panel of the steering wheel with phone call control and navigation.

So, let’s know what are the new features Tesla to add to its navigation system which improves the user interface.

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