The New Cheaper version of the Tesla Model Y is here

Tesla has launched a new version of the Model Y recently on their website which is cheaper than the other models of the Tesla Model Y.

This new cheaper model of Model Y is known as ‘Tesla Model Y’ and it’s now available to order from their official website. But right now it’s only available in the USA but we hope soon it will be available in other countries also.

This new Model Y price starts from $49,990 whereas its existing cheaper model The Tesla Model Y Long Range version price has recently dropped up to $52,990 as per a recent Tesla price cut. And the Model Y top model the Model Y Performance priced at $56,990.

Also, this new model is to have 4680 battery cells and a range of 279 miles per charge whereas its Long range and performance model have 330 and 303 miles of range.

Now according to Tesla, this new Model Y also produces quite good power where it can go up to a top speed of 135 mph and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds with the same existing Model Y dual motor AWD system.

Recently Tesla has decreased the price of its EVs for the fifth time in 2023 and it has aimed to increase its EV sales as it decreases the price. Now from this new cheaper Tesla Model Y Tesla will increase its EV sales as its sales increase whenever its price is reduced or price cut.

Now let us know in the comment below what is your thought on this new cheaper Tesla Model Y and whether is it a new Tesla strategy to increase its EV sales.

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