A new version of the Tesla Cybertruck Prototype has been spotted with new alloy wheels

Recently a new version of the Tesla Cybertruck Prototype has been spotted with a new alloy wheel which has not been seen in previous prototype models.

Now, whenever a Cybertruck prototype is spotted it will be different from the previous prototypes. Now, this prototype has new alloy wheels which according to some reports it will be a measuring device attached to the wheel for testing purposes.

And the recently spotted Cybtertruck prototype has removed the big wiper from it but in this Cybertruck, we can again see the big wiper at the side of the windshield.

cybertruck prototype

Due to many different Tesla Cybertruck prototypes now it has been difficult to expect how will be the final production model of the Cybertruck after seeing so many different Cybertruck designs.

Also, we can expect that Tesla may start the production of the Cybertruck this summer as said before and all of these Cybertruck prototypes also indicate that Tesla has been actively working on the Cybertruck for many months.

So, we hope Tesla will start the production of Cybertruck very soon and we can see a Cybertruck by the end of 2023. Also, let us know your opinion in the comment below about the Cybertruck and its different prototypes.

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