The new Nio ET5 EV with price, Release date and all specs 2022

The Chinese Automobile Manufacturer Nio has its headquarters in shanghai. Nio has announced their new Electric car. The Nio ET5 EV was announced with a 1000 Km range. This compact sedan electric car should be a rival for the Tesla Model 3. So here we featured the Nio ET5 EV with price, Release date, and all specs 2022.

The Nio Electric cars are already available in China, UK, USA, Germany, and Norway and it try to more than 25 countries by the end of 2025. The main feature of this car is the same thing for which Tesla is famous. Autonomous Driving, so it can be a big rival for Tesla and its Autopilot mode.

The Nio ET5 EV comes under a budget segment Electric car with so many features. Where its price is starting from 32800 Yuan ( $51,500 ) or ( Rs 39 lakhs ). The Nio ET5 EV offers three different battery ranges. First is the Standard variant with 75kWh battery, you get 341 miles ( 550km ) range, Long-range variant with 100kWh battery, you get 434 miles ( 700km ) range and last is the Ultra long-range variant with 150kWh battery, you get 621 miles ( 1000km ) range.

Nio ET5 EV specifications 2022

Price $51,500 ( Rs 39 lakhs )
Release Date Sept 2022 in china
Motor Induction permanent magnet motor
Battery 75kWh,100kWh and 150kWh Li-ion battery
Power & Torque 480ps & 700Nm Torque
Distance per charge 341mile( 550km ), 434mile( 700km ), 621mile( 1000km )
Charging time 10 hours
Top speed 162mph ( 250km/h )
Seating capacity 5
Nio ET5 EV specs

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Nio ET5 EV Autopilot Details

the nio day 2021 was all about the et5 an impressive mini et7 4

The future is Autonomous where everybody needs a self-driving car. The main feature of the Nio ET5 is the autopilot mode which works like same as tesla where you can set the location in the car and it will drive itself to the location where you want to go.

NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD) comes by combining a total of 33 High-performance multiple cameras with high-resolution LiDAR sensors. These are the main features of NIO Autonomous Driving.

Nio ET5 EV Price and Release date details

The Chinese carmaker Nio is going to launch their second electric sedan the Nio ET5 EV. The Nio has to launch its Nio ET5 EV in September 2022 in china and it can be available in the US, UK, and all other countries by the end of 2022.

The Nio has set the price of the Nio ET5 EV in china at about 328,000 Yuan which is about $51,450 ( INR 39 lakhs ) with a leased battery and this price for its standard battery variant. The price for the top battery variant can be up to $60,000 ( INR 45 lakhs ).

At this price range, the Nio ET5 EV is offering so many amazing features let’s see how it goes and it can beat the electric car king Tesla and take the sum of the market towards it.

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Nio ET5 EV Power output details

2023 Nio ET 5 a

The Nio ET5 EV comes with a powerful induction permanent magnet motor that can produce a total of 480ps horsepower and 700Nm of torque which make this car so fast. Nio ET5 EV can reach 0-60mph ( 0-100km/h ) in just 4.3 seconds which is so quick and powerful in this budget segment.

All three Nio ET5 battery variants come with the same power output but they had differences in running range only.

Nio ET5 EV Battery and Range details

nio et5
Nio ET5 Battery and range details

Nio ET5 EV is available in three battery variants where the first is a standard variant with a 75kWh battery second is long-range with a 100kWh battery and the last is ultra-long-range with a 150kWh battery.

At Nio ET5 all three battery variants come with different running ranges where with a 75kWh battery you can go up to 341 miles ( 550km ) and with a 100kWh battery you can go up to 434 miles ( 700km ). The last one is a 150kWh battery where you can go up to 621 miles ( 1000km ) from a single charge.

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Charging Time

Now the charging times for all three battery variants are different where a 75kWh battery needs up to 8-10 hours from an 11-12KW charger. But you can charge it in about 1 hour from a charging station with a DC fast charger.

For a 100kWh battery, it needs up to 10 hours from an 11-12KW charger, and for DC fast charger it needs about 1:30 hours.

For a 150kWh battery, it needs up to 15 hours from an 11-12KW charger, and for DC fast charger it needs up to 1-2 hours.

Nio ET5 EV interior details

NIO ET5 6 6RFg4Kh
Nio ET5 interior details

The Nio ET5 interior looks so good and premium with a leathery finish. One of the main things in the car is that there is a big 10.2 Inch HDR display in the center and it comes with a PanoCinema where you can use the features like AR and VR tech with the custom build ET5 glass.

The Nio ET5s interior looks premium in a mid-range budget electric car. From my side, it will be a big rival for Tesla in every feature.

You can check Nio’s official website


How much does Nio ET5 cost?

ET5 EV in china is about 328,000 Yuan which is about $51,450 ( INR 39 lakhs ) and the price can be different by region.

Is Nio car available in USA

Right now Nio cars are not available in the USA but Nio’s goal is to serve the cars in more than 25 countries and regions worldwide including the USA by 2025.

Nio ET5 range?

Nio ET5 top model can give a range of 621miles( 1000km) from a single charge.


From my point of view after all of these amazing features, the Nio ET5 EV will be the best electric car in this budget segment. The most important plus point of the Nio ET5 is the 1000km range from a single charge.

It’s so amazing where you need to charge the car once a week for normal daily use from home to work. Also, the power is also good so it will be a big rival for Tesla. If I have to buy a car for $50000 I will definitely go for it. so I think the given Nio ET5 EV price and all specs will help you to know about this car.

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