New Ford f-150 lightning electric truck 2022 its price & all specs

Ford has confirmed their fully electric pickup truck the Ford f-150 Lightning electric truck 2022 starting the price from $40,000 for the standard range. It can be available from May 2022 in the USA.

It’s not only an electric pickup truck, it’s Also a Mobile EV charger. The ford f-150 is the most popular pickup truck in the US. So ford made the electric version of it by Ford f-150 lightning.

The ford f-150 lightning will be the third EV of the ford. Ford offers three variants of the f-150 lightning, XLT, Lariat, and platinum. The Ford f-150 lightning is going to be launched in the US in the spring of 2022 and ford didn’t confirm the launch of f-150 lightning in other countries.

After the launch of the ford f-150 lightning in the US, this electric pickup truck will be the most popular selling electric pickup truck in the US. Because first main thing is that the ford f-150 is already famous in the US so peoples so already know about this. The best thing is that f-150 lightning will electric and it will be cheaper to maintain and pollution less with low running cost because it’s electric.

Ford f-150 lightning 2022 specification

These are the Ford f-150 lightning 2022 specifications that you should know about.

Price$42,000 for entry-level model
Release dateMay 2022
Motor Permanent magnet electric motor
Battery98kWh for standard and 131kWh for extended-range
Power & Torque563Hp & 775Nm Torque
Distance per charge300miles(482km) to 230miles(370km) depends on model
Charge time10-15 hours
Top speed110mph(177km/h)
Seating capacity5 seater
Ford f-150 lightning specs
Ford f-150 lightning electric truck
Ford f-150 lightning 2022 price image credit: ford

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Ford f-150 lightning electric truck price and release date

2022 Ford f-150 lightning will be available as in a base, XLT( pictured in red ), Lariat( blue ), and platinum( silver ). Ford set the pricing of the f-150 lightning will be starting the price for base models is about $42,000(INR 31 lakhs) and for the XLT is about $55,000(INR 41 lakhs). Right now ford has now only announced the MSRP(Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $39,974 and $52,974 and yet has to confirm the price in different regions.

The Ford f-150 lightning 2022 release date and will be on sale in the next year springs about on May 2022. For right now ford f-150 lightning is available only in the USA from next year and Ford has officially not announced the launching of the ford f-150 lightning in any other country.

Ford f-150 lightning 2022 Power and Torque

The ford f-150 lightning electric truck comes with the front and rare mounted two Permanent magnet motors. The combined two motors can produce 426hp in the standard range and 563hp in the extended range. Both configurations can produce a total of 1,051Nm of Torque.

The ford f-150 lightning motor will produce a lot of power where it can tow up to 10,000lbs( 4,535kg ), from this we can think how much power full is the f-150 lightning. But the actual power will be seen when it comes out and gets a practical test.

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Ford f-150 lightning electric truck image credit: ford

Ford f-150 lightning Range & battery

The Ford f-150 lightning is available in two battery Ranges, standard range and extended range. Where standard range comes with a 98kWh battery and is extended with a 131kWh battery. The running range of the standard range is 230miles( 370km ) and the extended range is 300miles ( 483km ) of running range.

There are two variants of AC chargers that will be available depending on the variants you selected. For standard range, it will come with an 11.3kw single charger, while extended range comes with a 19.2KW dual charger.

The standard range 98kWh battery will take 10 hours to charge from 15-100% from a 48A house charger, and the 131kWh battery extended range take up to 8 hours to charge from 15-100% from an 80A house charger.

The Ford f-150 lightning can charge from 15-100% in 1 hour from a 150KW DC public fast charger

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Ford f-150 lightning 2022 colors option

The ford f-150 lightning electric truck is available in 10 different colors option

  • Atlas Blue
  • Star White
  • Rapid Red
  • Iced Blue
  • Agate Black
  • Antimatter Blue
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Iconic Sliver
  • Oxford White
  • Stone Gray

All these colors are free except for Star White and Rapid Red will cost a sum more extra money which is optional according to the customer’s requirement.

Ford f-150 lightning 2022 FAQs

These are the frequently asked most common questions about the ford f-150 lightning 2022.

How much is F-150 lightning?

The Ford f-150 lightning cost $40,000(INR 31 lakhs) for the standard range and $55,000(INR 41 lakhs) for the extended range.

Is the Ford f-150 lightning all-electric?

Yes, the Ford f-150 lightning is a fully electric pickup truck.

When you can order 2022 Ford Lightning?

You can order the ford f-150 lightning from May 2022 in the USA.

How long will the Ford Lightning battery Last?

From a full charge, you can run up to 230miles(370km) from the standard range and 300miles(483km) from the extended range.

Can a ford lightning powerhouse?

Yes, the ford lightning can power an entire house. Based on household usage of 30kWh for three full days.

What is the cost of battery placement in ford f-150 lightning?

The ford f-150 lightning battery replacement will cost around $200-$500 in the USA.

Will the 2022 Ford f-150 Lightning have an autopilot option?

There is not any autopilot option in the 2022 Ford f-150 Lightning.

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Ford f-150 lightning electric truck video credit: Doug DeMuro

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In my opinion, the Ford f-150 lightning will be the best electric pickup truck and will be the next generation most selling truck. Because of its power and all other features which make it is an electric pickup truck that can perform like a normal engine truck.

The ford f-150 lightning electric truck is a powerful EV that can be used in every condition that a normal pickup truck will perform. Also, the design and looks of the f-150 lightning are so futuristic and so well designed. The power output and range of the truck are also so amazing so it will be my first choice if I am going to buy an electric pickup truck in the future.

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