New Tesla cyberquad ATV price, release date & all specs 2023

Tesla launched its new electric cyber truck-inspired electric ATV. The Tesla cyberquad ATV is specially made for kids’ adventure. The company claims that it can run for a range with a full charge of 15 miles( 24km ) with a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h ). So here is the Tesla cyberquad ATV price, Release date, and all specifications.

The Elon musks Tesla company launched its new all-electric Tesla cyberquad ATV which exactly looks like a mini version of the tesla cybertruck. Also, it has to be a part of the cybertruck, where you can carry it at the back of the Cybertruck as they showed in the Tesla launch event.

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Tesla cyberquad ATV specs

Release dateDecember 2021 Booking is open now
Battery36V Lithium-ion Battery
Range15 miles
Top speed10mph
Full charging time5 hours
Tesla cyberquad specs

Tesla Cyberquad ATV dimensions details

Maximum load capacity150lbs(68kg)
Tesla ATV dimensions
tesla atv speed

Tesla Cyberquad ATV design

The design of the Tesla ATV is inspired by Tesla Cybertruck so the Tesla ATV looks like a mini cybertruck. So, from this Cybertruck design, this ATV looks unique and futuristic.

The Tesla cyberquad is made of a fully metal frame just like the Tesla cybertruck, So due to this metal frame body this ATV becomes so durable and strong that can easily carry an adult also.

The cushioned seats on this ATV are so comfortable and big that can fit up to 2 kids easily. and the suspensions of cyberquad are adjustable which will give the best riding experience with a rare disk brake to stop it.

Also, the cybertruck LED light bars are in front with LED taillights at back giving a futuristic look to this ATV.

The Tesla ATV dimensions are like this, the length of the ATV is 1,194mm and 168mm in height. The weight of the Tesla ATV is just 121lbs(55.3kg) which is lighter because it’s made for kids and the maximum payload capacity of the ATV IS 150lbs(68kg) so we can know that it is not made for adults.

Tesla Cyberquad ATV Price

Tesla Atv
Tesla cyberquad ATV

The Tesla cyberquad ATV price starts from $1900 which can vary by place and goes up to $2,000. All the ATV delivery is going to start in 2 to 4 weeks.

But there are limited numbers of Cyberquad ATVs where made and all the Tesla ATVs are sold out as the day it is released. So, right now you can purchase only aftermarket ones which cost around $3,000 to $5,000.

Overall for being a kid’s adventure, ATV is this price reasonable or expensive let us know your opinion in the comment below.

Tesla Cyberquad ATV Release date

The Tesla cyberquad is officially launched to pre-book in 2021 and all ATVs are sold out as of the day it launched. So, right now you can’t buy a new Cyberquad ATV but you can buy a used one but it is more expensive than the original one.

Tesla Cyberquad ATV Horsepower

The Tesla ATV has a 36V DC motor that can produce a maximum of 10 horsepower and from this power, the Tesla Cyberquad can reach up to a top speed of 10 mph.

This 10 mph top speed on this ATV is not less for a kid so it has multiple riding modes to adjust the power output of this ATV for the kid’s safety.

Tesla ATV Modes

Tesla cyberquad ATV has a three-speed mode. Two front and one reverse speed. This ATV is mainly made for kids above 8 years old. The speed of cyberquad will have 2 modes of 5mph ( 8kmph ) and 10 mph ( 16 km/h ) for front and 5mph ( 8kmph ) in reverse. The speed of cyberquad is adjustable by the parents for the required speed.

And this mode can easily operate from the button which is at front of the seat.

Tesla Cyberquad ATV Range & Battery

Tesla cyberquad uses a 36V  lithium-ion battery which promises up to 15 miles of range from a full charge or you can ride it at normal speed for about 2 hours.

This 36V battery will take up to 5 hours to fully charge and it has 4 light bars which indicate the battery percentage. Also, the best feature is whenever the battery becomes low the LED light bar at the front starts blinking to alert the rider.

The battery life will be two to three years.

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Tesla ATV(FAQ)

How much is the Tesla ATV?

Tesla Cyberquad ATV costs around $1900 in the USA.

Can you buy the Tesla cyberquad?

Tesla cyberquad is on sale now. You can book one from the Tesla official website but right now the Tesla ATV is available only in the USA. In the future, it may launch in other countries where is already Tesla cars are available.

Is the Cyberquad street legal?

Tesla Cyberquad ATV is not street legal you cannot ride it on a public road. Because Tesla ATV is an adventure vehicle and it docent have rare mirrors.

How fast can Tesla ATV go?

Tesla ATVs can archive a top speed of 10mph. It is the top speed of the Tesla Cyberquad ATV.

What age is the Cyberquad for?

The Tesla Cyberquad ATV is specially made for kids ages 8 and up of it. However, adults can also ride this ATV.

Is Tesla quad for adults or not?

The tesla quad is made for kids, But it can carry up to 150lbs(68kg) so anybody who is less than this can ride the tesla quad. But it doesn’t matter an adult can also ride it.

Tesla cyberquad ATV specs video credit: Electrek

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In the future, these cyberquads can replace the bicycle as a kid’s favorite riding thing. According to me, this cyberquad will not be a physical activity for kids if compare to the bicycle. I think parents would first give their kids bicycle after some years they can move towards cyberquad ATVs.

This Cyberquad ATV is not only for kids this can be used by adults also. This will be an adventure riding experience for both kids and adults. If I had a chance to buy this ATV I would definitely buy this for a fun ride in my free time.

In my opinion, I will definitely buy the Tesla ATV for myself just to have fun with it, Also I can take it to the beach and parks where to have an ATV ride for myself. The Tesla ATV’s weight is just 121lbs(55.3kg) so it can easily be carried from any truck.

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