Nio ET7 price, range, release date, interior & all specs

Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle company, revealed the Nio et7, its first sedan, and fourth production vehicle, over the weekend at a convention named Nio Day. With outstanding technology, the company has set up itself in its home market, and the ET7, which the company promises would provide compact power.

The NIO ET7 is a moderate sedan that competes with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class variants, but it also offers on-drive fun. So, we are here to give you all the details of this luxury sedan starting from its price to its power & performance. To avoid missing anything, stay to the conclusion.

Nio ET7 Specs

Release Date2025
Range310-620 miles
Max Power643 hp
Max Torque627 lb-ft Torque
0-60 mph time3.9 seconds
Top SpeedAround 125 mph
Charging Time6-7 hours
Seating Capacity5
Nio et7 Specs

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nio et7 price
Nio ET7 Image: Nio

For ET7, NIO offers a variety of driving styles, including Sport+, Sport, Comfort, Energy Saving, and Custom. The ET7, according to NIO, will also have a “Buddha” mode, a Chinese expression that has only recently gained popularity and typically means “whatever.”

The ET7’s acceleration time in this mode is 12.9 seconds, comparable to that of a typical fuel-efficient vehicle, and NIO claims that it is ideal for consumers to deliver a comfortable experience when traveling with family members.

The ET7 also does offer in 70kWh and 100kWh variants. Furthermore, it had an all-wheel drive powered by two motors. The car’s measurements are as follows: 5.098 m in length, 1.987 m in width, 1.505 m in height, and 3.060 m in wheelbase. This car has an excellent range, which we will explain below.

The design is simple and precise, with the sharp front highlighted by the little headlights. A narrow taillight that covers the width of the car meets the gently sloping roofline.

Although Nio says that ET7 is an autonomous car, it seems to be unclear what the ET7’s elaborate driver-assist system needs to do in terms of communicating with and supervising the driver. The system does include 11 8-megapixel cameras, five radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and what Nio refers to as “ultra-long-range high-resolution lidar.”

Nio ET7 Price

The ET7 is officially available as a pre-order in China. Although NIO has earlier said the 70 kWh variant will start at roughly 448,000 yuan in China, the price of the ET7 has not yet been confirmed in the USA. This is equivalent to roughly 59,000 euros or $69,000 US dollars (around Rs. 54 lakhs in Indian rupees).

However, the cost decreases to about $58,000 if the consumer picks Nio’s Battery as a Service (BaaS) subscription, which allows drivers to exchange their batteries at Nio Power Swap locations for a cost of about $150 per month. Nio has built the Power Swap stations as a solution to the tedious procedure of charging an electric vehicle.

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Nio ET7 Release Date

NIO Company intends to launch the first Battery Swap Station in the United Nation as early as November 2022. The company aims to enter the U.S. market in 2025. You can put money aside till then to preorder this when it becomes available in the USA.

Additionally, NIO has purchased new land behind its existing headquarters in San Jose, California, in which it will set up the first Battery Swap Station in November for testing purposes.

nio et7 release date
Nio ET7

Nio ET7 Range & Battery

Nio claims that the basic 70.0-kWh battery in the ET7 has a range of more than 310 miles. There is also a 100.0-kWh battery option with a range of up to 435 miles, but the 150-kWh battery option won’t be made available in China until the following year. It will eventually have a range of more than 620 miles (1000km).

The ET7’s larger battery would effectively replace Tesla’s Model S, which has a 402 EPA-rated-mile-long battery and has the longest range.

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Nio ET7 Power & Performance

The ET7 has two motors: a front motor (permanent magnet) 180 kW and a rear motor (induction motor) 300 kW, which together produce 643 hp and 627 pound-feet of torque. According to reports, the vehicle can reach 62 mph in under 3.9 seconds and it stops at a speed of 100 km/h at a 33.5m distance.

This level of performance is made possible by NIO’s investment in R&D for the ET7. The SiC chip utilized by the ET7’s high-performance motor, which has a total output of 480 kW, was successfully created by the company’s motor division, XPT.

Nio ET7 Interior

A significant portion of the interior design is focused on NIO’s goal to make the ET7 customers a “second living room.” The frameless electric suction doors that come standard on the ET7 are also installed with an automatic pre-opening feature, which adds to its smooth opening and closing.

Although it will be expensive, the interior makes extensive use of sustainable Barnwood, which gives the space a more modern touch.

Additionally, NIO offers 256 colors of ambient lighting for the ET7, which doesn’t risk causing light pollution in the cockpit and has the proper overall tone.

nio et7 interior
Nio ET7 Interior

NIO claims that all eight ET7 seats are being hand-stitched per person each day for the premium version of the ET7, which is built of Nappa leather. In comparison to Tesla Model 3, whenever the driver’s seat is in its default position, the car has a much larger backseat in this model. Along with these very distinct features, the ET7’s audio system received the highest appreciation from the local automotive press after they recently test-drove the vehicle.

According to NIO, the ET7 includes 23 speakers with a combined 1,000w and Dolby Atmos as standard, creating an amazing listening experience. The ET7 is equipped with a 12.8-inch touchscreen screen, and a digital gauge cluster, and ignores Nio’s previous vehicles’ air vent design in favor of a Tesla Model 3-inspired appearance. There aren’t many buttons, and the steering wheel has a two-spoke layout similar to that of modern Genesis cars.

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Nio ET7 FAQs

How much does a Nio ET7 cost?

The Nio ET7 price is expected to start from $69,000 in the USA.

Will the Nio ET7 come to the U.S?

Yes, The Nio ET7 is expected to launch in 2025 in the U.S.

What is the range of Nio ET7?

The Nio ET7 base model has a range of 310 miles and the top model will go up to 620 miles from a single charge.

Can I buy a Nio car in the United States?

Right now you cant buy a Nio car in the United States, But Nio has plans to enter the U.S market by 2025.

Nio ET7 Video: Fully Charged Show

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The Nio et7┬áis a great car. It is fast, good-looking, and has a lot of great features that make it a great car. It’s also not too expensive to buy or maintain if you compare it with the same price range vehicles. If you’re looking for an affordable sports car with lots of power and style, this could be the one for you!

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