Now Tesla Model 3 & Model Y are eligible for the California $2,000 EV Rebate

The increase in the price of Tesla cars in the last 2 years made the Tesla best-selling cars Tesla Model 3 & Model Y not eligible for the California EV rebate where eligible EVs can get a minimum of $2,000 rebate.

But the recent price drops of the Tesla cars last month made the Tela best selling 2 cars Model 3 & Model Y eligible for the $2,000 California rebate from the Tesla’s new MSRP.

So, now if you bought the Tesla these 2 cars after the price drop on January 12 then you are eligible for this EV rebate. And this EV rebate is eligible for the eligible car till 90 days after the EV is registered. So if you bought these tesla cars after the January price drop then make sure to apply for this EV Tax credit soon if you haven’t applied.

But according to electrek when they checked 2 weeks before this Tesla cars are not eligible for this California rebate on their CVRP website. So, they think that Tesla has recently applied for the California rebate after the price drop and now they approved.

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Extra increased California Rebate for low-income buyers

Also, this California rebate has some increased rebates for those people who have low income and are defined as the 400% of the federal poverty level. So, if you come under this poverty level then you can get up to a $4,500 rebate but it can be increased to up to $7,500 according to recent reports.

And if you are a single filer and then you have an income limitation of $135,000 or if you are a double filer then it will be $200,000. But if you have an income of more than $200,000 then you will not have any rebates.

So, if you have a low income then you will get more rebates which will help you to afford these EVs at a low cost.

Right now California’s clean vehicle rebate program has issued over 1 billion from this program and in the future, it will be issuing more money for the rebates.

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