This Boulder Camper trailer can charge your EV while you camping in the woods

With the increase of Electric vehicles in the market now it’s a big problem for Camping lovers to use EVs in the woods where recharging is a big problem. But not more worry about charging while camping in the woods or where EV chargers are unavailable.

Because this American camper trailer company Colorado Teardrops made a Camper trailer for EVs which has a dedicated battery pack inside of which that can charge your EV while you park or at your campsite.

This Electric Camper Trailer is called ‘Boulder’ and it has a big 75 kWh battery pack that not only charges your EV it can also power your house also. The best thing is this camper itself accepts DC fast charging so you can charge the camper as well as your EV very fast.

This Camper trailer is 12 feet long and made with Aircraft grade aluminum which weighs 2,200 pounds with a battery and 1,470 pounds without a battery pack. This big 75 kWh battery is placed inside the strong powder-coated steel frame which protects the battery pack.

Also, because it’s an EV so it qualifies for the $12,000 federal tax credit under the inflation reduction act.

Now on the interior and cabin, the interior and cabin of this trailer is so spacious that can fit 4 people and with multipurpose seating couches which are converted into a queen size bed and 2 bunk beds. Also, this cabin is insulated and the interior of this camper is made with hardwood.

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Boulder Camper Trailer Price

Because it’s a fully electric Camper trailer so is quite expensive, The starting price of this Boulder camper is $67,000. Also, you have other optional equipment which costs extra money like a water tank with a hand pump for $650, a 2,000-watt air conditioning unit for $3,250, and a propane heater for $2,000. It has other extra accessories which you can check here.

Other EV Camper Trailers

The boulder is the first EV trailer that has been done but there are still 2 more camper trailers that are under development that will launch in the future. These 2 camper trailers are called Golden and Denver.

Whereas the Golden is a 17 feet long luxury camper with a big 125 kWh battery pack and it will cost around $80,000. The Denver is the biggest camper trailer which is 27 feet long and has a big 200 kWh battery pack which will cost around $100,000.

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