Now you can play Cyberpunk on Tesla Steam Integration

Tesla has launched Steam Integration in its Model X and Model S which allows playing more than 1000+ in these electric cars.

  • Tesla’s inbuilt Steam Integration
  • Access to 1000+ games
  • Wireless Control
  • Access to the 2 touchscreens displays
  • More storage space

Tesla is always improving user experience in its car and believes that video games are also part of it. So, Tesla has been working on Steam Integration for years to make the best infotainment gaming experience.

Back in July Elon Musk said that they will launch a demo version of the Steam in August, but they did not launch it. But right now they have officially launched the Steam Integration.

Right now the Steam Integration inbuilt Tesla gaming console is available only in refreshed Tesla Model X and Model Y because these 2 EVs have the latest powerful entertainment computer system which is capable of the best gaming experience.

In the future, Tesla will launch this Steam Integration gaming system for every tesla car.

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