Why is Switzerland banning electric cars know here

You may hear the news of Switzerland banning Electric cars but is Switzerland actually banning electric cars or not if yes then why know here?

The banning of electric cars in Switzerland is kinda true but the ban is not only applied to electric vehicles, but it also contains other major things which use electricity to run or work.

Right now Switzerland is going through an energy crisis and it needs to save as much as energy possible to stop running out of energy in the country.

The energy shortage is happening in Switzerland due to the country 60% of the energy is produced by Hydropower plants. but in winter the energy production capacity of these plants is reduced so the government needs to import energy from other countries due to the war in Ukraine import of energy is not possible right now.

Therefore Switzerland’s government decided to limit use the of energy by their citizens. This includes limitations in the usage of electric heaters to certain temperatures, limitations to electric cars, and other major things which need more energy.

In the worst condition, Switzerland may ban Electric cars, cryptocurrency mining, casinos, theaters, stadium, and other major energy consumers in the country.

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