Canoo car price, release date, range, interior & all specs

You may all be familiar with the Canoo company which is known for its unique Electric Vehicles. Like Canoo Van, Lifestyle vehicle, etc but you know there is a secret Canoo car that is under development by Canoo.

This Canoo electric car is developed under Utilizes same core skateboard platform to reduce the development and production cost, as other Canoo EVs like lifestyle vehicle, vans, and Canoo truck which is also developed under the same platform.

Now when you visit the Canoo official website and search for the Canoo car then you will not see any details or images of the Canoo sports vehicle, but a few days before if you visited the Canoo Investors page on their website where they featured the picture and some details of this car.

But now Canoo has removed all the details of this Canoo electric car from the investors’ page and made it secret for us.

So, here are all the features and details of the Canoo electric sports car which is mentioned by Canoo a few days before, and our expected specifications of this car.

Canoo Car Features

  • All-Electric sports car(sedan)
  • unique design
  • Autonomous driving(expected)
  • High performance
  • Futuristic Technology

Canoo Car Price

Canoo mentioned that they are developing the Canoo cars under Utilizes same core skateboard platform to reduce the development and production cost of the car. So, Canoo is trying to make its car cheaper and less expensive.

So, our prediction on the cost of the Canoo electric car will be roughly around $40,000 and can go up to $60,000. But it would be less than this because there is no specific detail of this Canoo e-car on their website.

We predicted this price due to Canoo mentioned that this car will be smaller and shorter than a Tesla Model 3, so we can expect Canoo is trying to compete with the Teslas base model Tesla Model 3 and its price will start from $45,000 and will go up to $60,000.

canoo electric car
Image: Canoo

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Canoo Car Release Date

The release date of this car is clearly mentioned on Canoo’s official website they are expecting to launch the car by 2025.

But right now there is not any hint regarding Canoo car Concept or development. But there are some leaked images around the internet where we can see a pre-production model of the Canoo sports car.

If the Canoos sports car is under development then we can expect the Canoo car will launch before 2025.

Canoo Car Range & Battery

According to Canoo, this electric car will be smaller than a Tesla Model 3 so we can expect the battery of the Canoo car will be smaller than Model 3. Whereas the Tesla Model 3 long-range has a 75kWh battery with around 330 miles of range.

So, we can expect the Canoo car will have around a 60kWh battery pack with around 250-300 miles of range on a single charge.

Canoo car prise
Canoo EV

Canoo Car Power & Performance

As Canoo mentioned that this car would be a Sports Vehicle. So, we can expect the power output of this car is high. And as we mentioned Canoo will be competing against Tesla Model 3 so we can expect the power of this Canoo Electric Car will be more than the Model 3.

So, we can expect this Canoo sports vehicle will have Dual-Motor with All-Wheel drive which is expected to produce around 400-500 hp power with around 400 lb-ft of torque. With this power, this car may reach a top speed of 200mph. And 0-60 will be in 3 seconds.

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Canoo Car Interior

Right now the image which is shown on the Canoo website looks like a concept design, So, we don’t know the exact design of the Canoo Car Interior. But in the image, we can see a full white interior with 5 seats, and the infotainment system looks like attached to both sides of the steering wheel.

canoo car interior
Image: Canoo

Also, we can see a big screen on the passenger side which will be a touch screen and can be controlled by the passenger. But we think that Canoo will replace the passenger side screen to the middle of the dash.

Canoo car Exterior and Design

The exterior design of the Canoo car is unique from any other car in the market which seems like a car from the future. The car has a curvy design which seems like made for proper aerodynamics.

At the front and back, we can see Canoo’s signature lights which are probably LED. And also we can expect a panoramic sunroof at the top. Other than this the overall design of the car looks simple.

But Canoo may make changes in the design and add some more features it. The most anticipated feature we think that this car will have an Autopilot mode just like a Tesla.

What do you think about the Canoo sports car, and what are you expecting in this car let us know in the comment below.

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Canoo Car Specs

All of these specs are our expected so the actual features will be different from this.

Release Date2025
Drive TypeAWD
Range300 miles
Torque400 lb-ft
Top Speed200 mph
0-60 mph3 seconds
Seating Capacity5
Canoo Car Specs


How much will the Canoo car cost?

The Canoo e-car is expected to be priced around $40,000-$60,000.

When will Canoo car be released?

The Canoos upcoming electric sports car will be expected to release in 2025.

What is the range of Canoo cars?

The Canoo car may run up to 300 miles on a single charge.

How fast a Canoo car can go?

The Canoo car can go up to a 200 mph top speed and accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Canoo EV


As of now, Canoo seems like a successful full electric vehicle company with its existing EVs, where its truck is used by the USA army and NASA so we can expect its upcoming car will be successful.

Now you can consider buying this car when you need the comfort of a sedan and power like a sports car, which will be a good combination. Also the range of this car also so good enough to go on a long ride.

But the design of this quite unique which will look weird to some people. Overall as of now, we can expect this electric sports car will be a unique car with quite good features.

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