Polestar 2 Batteries help this Candela C-8 Electric Boat to fly on the water

The Electric Vehicle manufacturer company Polestar, known for its electric cars, has moved one step into manufacturing Watercraft EVs by giving the Polestar batteries to use in Candela C-8, a Hydrofoil Watercraft.

Candela is a Sweden-based electric boat manufacturer company that has developed its latest Hydrofoil Watercraft known as Candela C-8. But it has some issues with its original battery, where the range of this battery is not sufficient to provide a long range.

Normally in any boat, the biggest challenge is to go through the water and waves, which needs more power. And in this Candela C-8 boat also this water drag is the biggest challenge which consumes more power from the battery.

Candela C-8 electric boat
Candela C-8

So, Candela decided to make the C-8 boat Hydrofoil, where the wing-type structure is attached to the hull of the boat which lifts the boat by a few feet on top of the water while the boat reaches a certain speed. Recently Electric Jetski The Valo Hyperfoil also used this same technology that can go up to 60 mph speed.

So, from this Hydrofoil technology, the Candela C-8 becomes more efficient to provide more range. But still, the original batteries of the C-8 boat are not as sufficient to provide a long range.

From this battries problem, Candela decided to search for battries that can provide an efficient long-range. Then the same country’s EV manufacturer Polestar decided to help Candela by providing their existing 69 kWh battery which is used in the Polestar 2 Electric SUV.

Polestar 2
Polestar 2

Soon after the Polestar response Candela decided that this 69 kWh battery will be a good fit for this boat and Candela partnered with Polestar to use their 69 kWh battries in the Candela C-8 Hydrofoil.

But Candela needs to be made some changes in these battries and their software so it will perfectly work and fit inside the C-8 Hydrofoil.

After the installation of the Polestar battery in this Candela C-8 now this electric boat can go up to 65 miles on a single charge and can produce up to 30 horsepower with a top speed of 35 mph.

This C-8 is a mid-size electric boat that is 8.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide weighs around 3850 lbs and easily fits 8 passengers.

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