Nissan unveiled its Convertible EV Supercar from the future the “Nissan Max Out”

Nissan has unveiled the physical version of its upcoming Convertible 2-seater Electric Supercar the Nissan Max Out. This is the first real physical reveal of its upcoming future EV electric cars since it revealed its future EV plans in 2021.

In 2012 Nissan revealed its future EV plans and mentioned about 4 electric cars which are named Chill Out, Surf Out, Hang Out, and finally Max Out which is revealed right now. According to Nissan all of these Future EVs are expected to launch by 2030.

Now, this Nissan Max Out Convertible is showcased in the upcoming Nissan Future Event starting on February 4 in Yokohama Japan. In this show, Nissan will showcase all of its upcoming future plans for Electric Vehicles and other technology.

Also, Nissan has invested over $17 billion to develop its Future platforms which are able to make more advanced EVs in the future.

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Now, as the name suggests we can expect which type of Electric cars Nissan mentioned here. As the name suggests Nissan Max Out, will be a max-out performance electric car that is made for pure performance.

And the Chill out, Surf out and the Hang out EVs will be more on comfort and luxury vehicles as their name suggests. So, we can expect these 3 EVs to be more on luxury and comfortable daily drive EVs.

Now from the design of the Nissan Max Out, we can tell it’s a car from the future because of its unique exterior design. At the front, we can see the Unique ventilation with the new headlight design. And the wheels are super unique and we can see an illusion design in them.

Overall now Nissan fans will be happy with this new concept design of the Nissan Max Out that seems to be Nisan going towards performance electric cars like their other existing cars like the Nissan GTR.

Now let us know in the comment below what do you think about when will we can see the all-electric Nissan GTR EV that could be a top-of-a-line performance Electric Sports Car. And have you tested their existing Nissan Ariya EV?

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