Best Electric Jet Ski with price and specs

Suppose you are a water sports lover and love to ride jet skis and looking to buy one. Then here in this blog, we mentioned the best Electric jet ski which is available in the market right now or launch very soon.

Now we can see and tell that the future is electric and every vehicle which uses an internal combustion engine is slowly moving towards Electric Motors to power the vehicle.

Electric jet skis work differently than normal jet skis and you should consider checking some impotent points before buying an Electric jet ski, So, here is some guidance for you to buy an electric jet ski.

is there an electric jet ski?

Yes, there are five companies that manufacture electric jet skis and you can buy them right now but some companies are developing the Electric jet ski which may launch in upcoming years.

Here in this blog, we mentioned the five best electric jet skis which are available in the market or may launch very soon in the upcoming days.

how do electric jet skis work?

The principle of working an Electric jet ski is the same as a normal engine-powered jet ski. But the difference is the power supply, whereas the normal jet ski is powered by an internal combustion engine but an Electric jet ski is powered by a motor and battery.

Now a jet ski moves when the motor or the engine rotates which is connected to a propeller that pulls the water and pushes it from the back, this pulling and pushing the water helps the jet ski to move forward.

where can I buy electric jet ski?

Right now there are five companies and startups working on electric jet skis so it’s difficult to get an electric jet ski at your nearby stores. So, most electric jet skis are sold online and the booking or reservation of the jet skis is done on their official websites.

In this blog, we have mentioned the link from where you can buy or reserve these electric jet skis directly.

should I buy electric jet ski?

Yes, you should definitely buy electric jet skis because they are environmentally friendly and good for riders also. Overall it is electric so you can save a lot of money on its gas and maintenance. And there will be no sound coming from the jet ski so it’s quiet.

Because it is all electric so you don’t need to regularly maintain it, but you should charge it regularly to use it which will take more time. So, you should consider a jet ski with long-range and fast-charging support where you can charge your jet ski fast and enjoy it.

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Now here are the top best electric jet ski that you should consider buying

1. Taiga Orca

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The Taiga orca is the world’s first fully electric jet ski which was unveiled in 2019. The Taiga aims to convert the Powersports industry into electric vehicles, So they have launched their EV jet skis, electric snowmobiles, etc.

The design of the Taiga Orca is sporty and simple where it can hold up to 2 people. The Taiga Orca has available three different models sports, performance, and Carbon trim sits with different power outputs.

Now all three Taiga Orca has the same 24kWh battery capacity with 27 miles of range from a single charge or 1-2 hours of runtime. This battery supports up to a 240-volt level-2 charge, which will charge this jet ski from 0-80% in just 20 minutes and up to 5 hours with a normal AC charger.

But the power output of these three models is different where Orca sports can produce 90 horsepower but the performance & Carbon trim model can produce up to 160 horsepower. With this power, Orca jet skis can reach up to a top speed of 65mph.

Also, the Taiga Orca jet ski has three different modes Range, Sport, and Wild where the Range mode limits the power of the jet ski to 53hp where you can get the maximum range of the jet ski. And the Sport and wild modes are made for performance which unlocks the maximum potential of the jet ski.

Now you can buy this Taiga Orca jet ski from their official website where the base model price starts from $17,490 and goes up to $24,000 for the top model. For more info click the link below.

Range27 miles
Top Speed65 mph
Charging Time0-80% in 20 min with a 240-volt charger
Seating Capacity2
Weight738.5 lbs
Taiga Orca Specs

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2. Narke GT95

narke gt95

The Narke GT95 is a powerful electric jet ski which is known as Narke electrojet and has a unique sporty design like a Tesla Cybertruck. This will jet ski be a good choice for you if you want some adventure on a hot summer day on a lake or beach etc.

The Narke GT95 is a long 4m-long jet ski that can hold up to 3 people and can tow some weight. The GT95 Electric jet ski has a powerful motor that can produce up to 95 horsepower with around 43mph of top speed.

The powerful motor of the Narke GT95 is powered by a 24kWh battery which can provide up to 31 miles of range or 1-2 hours of runtime from a single charge. This battery can charge from 0-90% in 1.5 hours with a fast charger or it will take up to 6 hours to charge from a normal AC charger.

Also, it has a 7-inch customizable digital display at the front where you can get all access to this jet ski. Now on price, this Narke GT95 starts from $47,000 which you can order from their official website. So, to buy or order this Narke GT95 click the link below.

Range31 miles
Top Speed43mph
Charging Time1.5 hours from a fast charger
Seating Capacity3
Narke GT95 Specs

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3. Valo Hyperfoil

valo hyperfoil

The Valo Hyperfoil is the most unique Electric jet ski that can fly above the water. This flying Valo Hyperfolic jet ski was made by the California-based startup company Boundry Layer Technologies.

This unique Valo Hyperfoil has a futuristic design and this flying above the water makes it different from other Electric jet skies. This flying above the water is possible from the wings which are placed under the jet ski which lifts the Valo up to 2 feet above the water while riding at speed.

Duto this lift Valo Hyperfoil can easily go through the waves which helps it to move at a high speed. Now on power, this Valo Hyperfoils powerful motor can produce up to 108 horsepower with a maximum top speed of 58mph and can accelerate from 0-45mph in 8 seconds.

The Battery capacity and the range are not mentioned by the company but it says Valo Hyperfoli has 1.7 hours of operation and the Battery will take up to 3 hours to charge from a 240V level 2 charger. So, we think Valo Hyperfoil has around 30-50kWh battery with around 30-50 miles of range from a single charge.

The price of Valo Hyperfoil starts from $59,000 where its 1st delivery will start in 2023 but there will be a limited number of Valos sold, the mass production and sale will start in 2024.

So, if you want to reserve your Valo Hyperfoil and get it on its first sale then click the link below and reserve one Valo Hyperfoil jet ski for yourself for $1,000 which is fully refundable.

Price $59,000
BatteryAround 30-50kWh
Range30-50 miles
Top Speed58mph
0-45mph time8 seconds
Charging Time3 hours with a 240V charger
Seating Capacity2-3
Valo Hyperfoil Specs

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4 . Maverick GT

maverick gt

The Maverick GT is the most powerful and luxurious Electric jet ski ever made which we can consider as the luxurious yacht of jet skis. According to T3MP3ST(A American Luxury Sports Craft Company) who made this claim that this personal watercraft is made for surf water sports.

Also, T3MP3ST said that due to this being an electric jet ski so there will be no notice which will not disturb marine life. Overall the best feature of this jet ski, is that this Maverick GT can surf in 100 feet(30 meters) wave also, which is impressive and very useful for surfers.

The design of the Maverick GT looks sport like a spaceship from a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie. This jet ski has 2 seats which can hold up to 4 people. Now on power and performance, this Maverick jet ski can produce up to 350 horsepower with a top speed of 70 mph.

This power is generated by a 525hp Marine Grade motor which is powered by a big 150kWh battery. With this big battery, this jet ski can provide a range of 75-150 miles or 4-5 hours of runtime from a single charge.

Now on charging this GT jet ski can charge from 0-80% in 1 hour with a Level 3 fast charger or it will take up to 10 hours from a normal AC charger.

Now on price, Because it is a Luxury high-performance jet ski so it is expensive whereas the base model of Maverick GT price starts from $150,000. Also, you can buy this Maverick GT from the link below and it will take up to 12 months to deliver it to you.

Range75-150 miles
Top Speed70mph
Charging Time0-80% 1 hour with Level 3 charger
Seating Capacity2-4
Maverick GT Specs

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5. Nikola WAV

Nikola wav

The Nikola WAV is a powerful personal watercraft made by the company Nikola Motors which is also known for its All-Electric trucks. The design of the Nikola WAV is inspired by a superbike so it looks very sporty like a futuristic water jet.

So, riding this jet ski feels like a superbike but on water instead on road. Also, it has a 12-inch 4k display at the front to get all access to the jet ski.

Now the other specs like price, range, and battery any of this not been revealed by the company right now. So, we cannot expect the exact power output of this jet ski.

But how Nikola mentioned that this WAV is inspired by a superbike so its power & performance will be high like a superbike. So, right now there are not any specs revealed by the company, but whenever it reveals the specs of this jet ski we will update here soon.

For more information, you can visit Nikola’s official website by clicking the link below.

Electric Jet Ski FAQ

How much does an electric jet ski cost?

There are several companies that manufacture electric jet skis where the cheapest ket starts from around $16,000 and the top luxury electric jet ski price will starts from $150,000.

How fast is an electric jet ski go?

The speed of an electric jet ski depends upon the power output of the motor. Right now there are several companies that have the fastest electric jet ski which can go up to 70mph like Maverick GT, Taiga, etc.

Is there an electric Sea-Doo?

No, right now there is not any fully electric Sea-Doo exist.

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Finally, we think that the future is electric and every single vehicle manufacturer is shifting towards EVs. So, it will be the best time for you to get one electric jet ski if you are willing to buy one.

Also, all the jet skis we mentioned above in this blog are high-performance-best electric jet ski so you will be not disappointed to buy one of these jet skis instead of an internal combustion jet ski.

One of the best parts of owning an electric jet ski is it will save you a lot of money compared to a normal jet ski. Because in normal jet skis you have to spend more money on fuel and maintenance, but these jet skis are electric so you will not spend money on fuel or maintenance because it is fully electric.

Also, it’s electric so there will be no noise which will not disturb the marine life and there will be no carbon emission which is good for the environment.

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