Know why GM has sold only 2 Hummer EV pickup trucks in the first Quater of 2023

Even being the biggest Automaker in the USA still General Motors has been able to deliver only two of theire most demanding electric pickup trucks GMC Hummer EVs in the first quarter of 2023.

According to GMs recent reports it has been able to deliver only 2 GMC Hummer EVs in the first three months of 2023 due to a battery issue that has been detected in the Hummer EV. Where from this issue there will be a possible chance of water getting inside the battery due to a leakage.

So, GM has to recall its Hummer EV pickups last year so it can fix this issue. Also, according to some reports GM has paused its production of Hummer EVs till January 31 to solve the battery issue.

And it restarted the Hummer EV production in February 2023, and it is now able to deliver only 2 hummer EVs. But last year GM has able to deliver a total of 854 Hummer EVs but this year it could be difficult for GMC to deliver more than last year.

gmc hummer ev pickup truck

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But right now there is a high demand for the electric Hummer which is around 90,000 registration but GM is not able to full fill the demand due to the low production rate.

Also, some recent reports claim that GM is now manufacturing over a doze Hummer EVs per day which seems like GM has increased its production speed in 2023.

So, we can expect GM can make up to 3200 Hummer EV trucks by the end of 2023.

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