Solo EV Price, range, top speed, interior & all specs

The solo EV or the solo electric car is a three-wheeled electric car made by the Canadian company Electrameccanica Vehicles Operation. Even tho it’s an electric car but it has only one seat and it’s used by only one person at a time.

This car seems to be a cute little 1700 pounds electric car but it has some good range and power which will not disappoint you if you bought it for your personal use.

So, in this blog, we will give you an overview of this SOLO EV including its range, power output, and other features, So, sit till the end of this article to know all details of this car.

Highlights of Solo EV

  • Small three-wheeled electric car
  • 2-doors single seat electric car
  • Seated heats
  • up to 100 miles of range from a single charge
  • powerful motor produces power that can reach up to a top speed of 80 mph
  • Huge trunk for a tiny car

Solo EV Dimension

Curb Weight1,735 lbs
Solo electric car dimension
solo electric car

Solo EV Price

The Solo EV is a tiny three-wheeled electric car so its price is so affordable for anyone to purchase. The price of the Solo EV starts from $18,500 which can be considered cheap if we compare it to any other electric in the market.

So, right now you can compare this solo car to the Aquam EV which is also a 3-wheel electric but it has over 200 miles range and 200 hp.

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Solo EV Range

The range on this Solo EV is pretty impressive for a small three-wheel electric car which is good enough for city rides. The Solo EV has a 144V 17.4 kWh Liquid Cooled Lithium-ion battery pack which can provide up to 100 miles of range from a single charge.

Now on charging the charging port is at the back of the car and this car only supports up to Level-2 charging. So, from a Level-2 charger, this car can charge from 0-85% in 2.5 hours and 0-100% will take 6 hours, which is good enough for a tiny car.

solo ev specs

And from a 110V charger, it will charge from 0-85% in 12.5 hours and 0-100% in 15 hours.

Also, the solo electric car does not have a regenerative braking system. So, you can’t get some extra energy while breaking your car. Even tho it is a small car but regenerative braking will be the best thing for a tiny car to use in traffics.

Solo EV Power & Performance

Even being a small car this solo electric car has a pretty good power output, the motor on this car can produce a total of 56 horsepower with 103 lb-ft of torque.

With this power, the Solo EV can reach up to a top speed of 80 mph which is pretty impressive for a small electric car. Even tho it reaches up to 80 mph top speed but we don’t think it is safe to drive this car at this speed.

Solo EV Interior

There is not much more thing in the interior of this car, first, we can see a steering wheel in middle and a speedometer just behind it. And on both sides of the steering wheel, we can see AC vents, many buttons, and controls like a music system, different drive modes, etc.

solo ev interior

Also, the seats are heated and ventilated and quite big so the driver can comfortably drive it. And the trunk of this car is 11.8 cubic feet which are good enough to bring a lot grocery or any stuff.

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Solo EV Specs

Battery17.3 kWh
Range100 miles
Horsepower56 hp
Torque103 lb-ft
Top Speed80 mph
Charging Time2.5 hours from a Level-2 charger
Regenerative BreakingNo
Seating Capacity1
solo EV specs

FAQs of Solo EV

How much does a Solo EV cost?

The Solo EV price starts from $18,500.

Is solo EV available in the US?

Yes, right now the Solo EV is available to buy in the US.

How fast does the Solo car go?

The Solo electric car can go up to a top speed of 80 mph.

What is the range of the solo electric car?

The Solo electric car can go up to 100 miles on a single charge.

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In our opinion, this solo electric is best for nearby rides to the stores, work, or anything that needs less driving, So this will be a daily driving car for nearby places we don’t think so this Solo car is best to use for a freeway.

Overall the 100 miles range on this car is good enough for small drives around the city, and the power output of this car is also good enough to take you anywhere on time.

So, this Solo car is a good choice for everyday use if you drive alone to nearby places.

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