Volcon Grunt price, Range, top speed, horsepower, & review

Volcon Grunt is an All-electric motorcycle manufactured by the company Volcon. The Volcon Grunt is an off-road electric bike that is easy to operate and fun to ride. The Volcon Grunt price starts from $7,995 in the U.S.

The Volcon Grunt is made for outdoor off-road usage. The Volcon Grunt has no clutch, gear, gas, Or noise. The Grunt has a powerful motor with high Torque which can tackle the most challenging terrain condition, making it unique from other electric bikes.

One of the best features of this bike is it has big balloon tires which will give the best grip for off-roading and there is not any other electric bike in the market with these big tires.

So, in this blog, we will cover all features and specs of this electric motorcycle including its customer review, which will help you to get a quick overview of this bike.

Volcon Grunt Chassis & Body

The Volcon Grunt has a unique design than any other electric dirt bike because of its unique giant balloon tires. This unique design is known as the Exo-Arch frame design and its cast aluminum swingarm and triple-cradle frame made this very strong and capable to ride under any off-road condition.

At the front, we can see the round LED headlight, and right above it a small round mounted screen that shows the details of the bike like speed, range, mode, etc. Also, the grunt does not have any key to start because it’s not street-legal, So, there is a button on the handle to start and off the bike.

Also, we can see there is no space to attach the number plate to the bike because the Volcon Grunt is not a road legal bike. it can only be used on private properties or any other trails etc.

Now the first thing which is eye catchy about this bike is the tires, the grunt has giant 25 by 8 by 12 balloon tires. And these big tires are supported by solid spoke-less durable steel wheels, that can take all the impact on the toughest trails.

Also, this bike’s seat height is just 32 inches(81cm) which will help anyone to ride this bike easily even with a short height.

Overall the bike has a unique design and a strong body that is perfect for an adventure ride on trails, Now this bike weighs 250 pounds without any accessories, and with all accessories & extra batteries, it will weigh around 330 pounds.

volcon grunt electric motorcycle
Volcon Grunt Electric Motorcycle

Volcon Grunt Price

Now when buying an off-road electric dirt bike all you want in it is the range and performance for the best price. Now in 2023, the Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle price starts from $5,999 in the U.S.

But about a year ago the price for the volcon grunt is around $7,999 for the same bike, but now they have decreased the price to $2,000.

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Volcon Grunt Range & Battery

Now the most considered feature of an EV is the range, now this Volcon Grunt electric dirtbike has 75 miles of range on a single charge. And this 75 miles range is possible if you have both IP67-rated 2kWh batteries on this bike.

From these IP67 ratings, the battery is able to face any weather condition, So, you can ride this bike in rainy conditions also.

Yes, Volcon grunt can support 2 batteries at a time but the second battery is optional So, if you need the extra range then you should pay an extra $2,000 for the second battery.

Also, for extra range and for backup you can also carry an extra third battery at the frame to enjoy your ride without any wait to charge the battery.

For more extra range these grunt bikes also have a regenerative braking system which gives you extra range while breaking.

Now, this battery will take up to 2.5 hours for the full charge and give you 75 miles of range.

volcon grunt horsepower

Volcon Grunt Horsepower & Top Speed

For an electric dirtbike, the power output of the bike is to be high because it has to perform under tough trails and weather conditions which need a lot of power for best performance.

The Volcon Grunt has a 25 kWh motor that can produce a maximum of 50 horsepower with 55.31 lb-ft of torque which is good enough to use under any off-road conditions.

With this power, the Volcon Grunt can reach up to a top speed of 40 mph, which is unlocked in the sport mod of the bike.

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Volcon Grunt Mods

The Volcon Grunt electric bike has three riding mods and a reverse mode.

  • Economy
  • Mid-Range
  • Sport

From the Economy mod, this bike can go up to its maximum capacity of 75 miles range and the power output is also less in this mode.

In the Mid-Range mod, the power output and the range on this bike are medium which is a little more than the Economy mode.

Finally, the Sports mode can unlock the maximum potential of the bike including a top speed of 40 mph. But in this mod, the range is less which is around 50 miles because of high power.

Volcon Grunt Review

Now, the review on this bike totally depends from person to person. So, now here we mentioned Volcon Grunt review is just based on different customer reviews and opinions on this bike.

According to the different riders, the riding portion of this bike is not too comfortable because of its wide seat but its seat height is very low so anyone can easily ride this bike.

Also, the build quality of this bike is very strong and capable to ride it under tough off-road trails, its tires also have nice grips, but while turning at a curve angle it may slip because of its big tires.

Overall the build quality is good and strong according to its customers. And the power output of this bike is good enough to ride it on a decent off-road trail but in the tough condition, its sport mode can perform better and for the best range, the economy mod is best.

Overall according to us (EV Galaxys) we give this bike a solid 4-star rating out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
volcon grunt review
Volcon Electric Bikes

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Volcon Grunt Specifications

Motor25 kWh
Battery2 kWh
Range75 miles (with extra battery)
Horsepower50 hp
Torque55.31 lb-ft Torque
Top Speed40 mph
Modes3 riding modes
Time to Charge2.5 hours
Seat Height32 inches(81cm)
Weight250-330 pounds ( depends on extra accessories)
Load Capacity400 pounds
Towing Capacity750 pounds
Reverse ModeYes
Regenerative BreakingYes
Front Brake2-Piston Hydraulic Disc brake
Rear Brake1-Piston Hydraulics Disc brake
Front SuspensionInverted Fork
Rear SuspensionCoil Spring & Hydraulics
USB PortYes
WarrantyOne-year Unlimited Warranty
Volcon Grunt specifications

FAQs of Volcon Grunt

How much does a Volcon Grunt cost?

The Volcon Grunt price starts from $5,999 in the U.S. right now in 2023.

How fast is the Volcon Grunt?

The Volcon Grunt can go up to a top speed of 40 mph from the sport mode.

What is the range of the Volcon Grunt electric bike?

The Volcon Grunt can go up to 75 miles on a single charge with an extra 2 kWh battery pack.

How many mods are there in Volcon Grunt?

There are 3 riding modes in Volcon Grunt Economy, mid-range and sports with a reverse mode.

How much time is required to charge Volcon Grunt?

The Volcon Grunt will take up to 2.5 hours to a full charge.

Volcon Grunt review

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Finally, we think this volcon Grunt electric dirtbike bike will be a good purchase and is best to use on a ranch that needs an off-road vehicle that can easily go through terrains and off-road.

So, we think it will be the best fun and adventurous riding activity to do if you have a big ranch or private property. Also, the power output of this bike is also very high which can go through tough trails.

Overall this volcon electric bike will be the best value for money product in our opinion.

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