New Tesla Bike price, battery, range & all specs

Tesla is the most famous and successful electric car manufacturer in the world. So, now tesla to launch its own tesla bike or tesla E-bike. With this Tesla E-bike, tesla can dominate the electric bike segment also.

Elon Musk knows that the electric bicycle is also so popular and has a big market in the world. So, tesla to launch its new Tesla E-bikes which will be a high-end electric bike with the new futuristic features and performance that we can see in Tesla electric cars.

Now Tesla added so many futuristic features, designs, and performances that are not seen in any other electric bike in the world.

Also, there can be an Autopilot mode in the tesla bike which we can see in every tesla electric car. So, we think that there will be so many features and advanced technology that make it a futuristic E-bike.

So here is the all-new Tesla Bike price, battery, range, and all specifications of it which we can expect in the Tesla E-bike.

Tesla Bike specifications

Tesla has officially not revealed any specifications of tesla’s E-bike. So, all the specifications mentioned here are expected specs which are almost will be the same to it.

Price$500 to $1000(Rs 50,000)
Launch Date2023 or 2024
Battery capacity
Battery typelithium-ion battery
Max Power
Max Torque
Top speed10mph(15km/h)
Charging time2-3 hours
Curb weight50-60 pounds(20-30kg)
Tesla bike specifications

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Tesla Bike price | Tesla E-bike price

The official tesla bike price is not revealed by the tesla, But we think that the price will be around $500 to $1000 ( Rs 50,000) in the USA. however, the official update has been announced by the tesla we will update you here very soon.

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Tesla electric bike

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Tesla Bike release date

The Tesla bike release date will be in 2023 or 2024. But Tesla has not revealed any information about the tesla e-bike release so we should wait until the tesla official update.

Tesla Bike battery & range

The Tesla bike battery must be a lithium-ion battery but we don’t know the capacity of the battery. But the range of this e-bike will be around 30miles(50km) or more than this. Because Tesla uses new futuristic technology which can provide more range from a small battery.

This battery will take up to 1-2 hours for a full charge. Also, there will be pedals in the bicycle which will produce some extra power for the battery.

Tesla Bike Autopilot & features

Tesla bike will have an Autopilot mode, where it can capable to drive itself by the multiple sensors in it. Which are capable to detect roads, vehicles, and every other object which comes in front of it. Like every Tesla electric car.

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Tesla e-bike features

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  • New design
  • Lightweight E-bike
  • Autopilot mode
  • Electronic Handel
  • Foldable bicycle
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Navigation system
  • Remotely lock and unlock
  • Remotely on and off
  • Offroad capability
  • Multiple riding modes

These are some of the features which are offered in the Tesla E-bike. But there can be more features available in this bike.

Tesla Bike Design

The Tesla E-bike has a unique futuristic design that looks like a bicycle from the future. It has an electric motor placed in the middle of both wheels. Also, tesla designers make it a very lightweight and a very strong bicycle that can easily carry. This e-bike is also foldable so you can fold it and keep it anywhere because of its compact size.

In this E-bike, we can see an electronic handle that is not connected to the front wheel and handlebar like any other bicycle. The electronic handlebar will detect the pressure applied to the handle by the rider and it will turn the wheel depending upon it.

If you applied more pressure the wheel will turn more if you applied less pressure it will turn less. Also, this Tesla E-bike is very strong so you can take it to the off-roading, stunts, etc. Because of its strong suspensions

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Tesla Bike FAQs

What is the Price of Tesla Bike?

The official price of the tesla bikes is not released by Tesla. But we can expect the Tesla bike price will be around $500 to $1000(rs 50000).

Will tesla make a bike?

Yes, Tesla has made its own electric bike which will be known as the Tesla bike. But Tesla has not revealed its price, release date, or any specifications of it.

How fast is a tesla bike?

The expected speed of the Tesla Bike will be around 10mph(15km/h) but tesla can make it faster than this because of its advanced technology.

What is the tesla bike release date?

The expected tesla bike release will be in 2023.

Tesla electric bike 2022 Video credit: Tech Blood

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In my opinion, the tesla bike will change the whole concept of the E-bikes because of it tesla advanced futuristic technology makes it a new generation of E-bike. Which will be a world never seen.

I am excited to see its autopilot mode and performance. Because tesla made it possible that cars can drive themselves and proved that electric vehicles can perform the same as fuel cars.

So, I think there will be an advanced balancing system that makes sure that the bicycle is running at a safe speed and balance. Also, the performance of this e-bike will be on top.

So, let us know in the comment what you think about this Tesla electric bike. If you have any quires about this bike comment or mail us on the contact us page. Thank You

Also, share this article with the interested ones which will help them to know about this E-bike.

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