Tesla wants to offer $5,000 for old Model X & S owners to exchange for unlimited free supercharging

Tesla has come up with a new offer for the old Tesla Model X & S owners who purchased any of these 2 cars a few years back and got the unlimited free supercharging offer. Now they can trade this free supercharging subscription for a $5,000 credit whenever they upgrade to a new Model X or Model S.

With the increase in the sales of Teslas affordable EVs Model Y and Model 3 where these cars are getting sold out. But the more expensive models like Model X and S sales are not much increased.

So, to increase the sales of the Tesla Model S and X Tesla has now come up with new offers so they can increase the sales of these models.

This mail was sent by Tesla for the Model X & S owners :

tesla unlimited free supercharging
Tesla Mail

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Overall we can expect from these offers Tesla may increase the sales of its high-end models. So let us know in the comment below what do you think about this Tesla offers.

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