All-Electric BMW i5 Touring prototype spotted while testing

The BMWs new electric version 5 series member was spotted while testing its prototype with camouflage. Recently the BMW s next-generation All-electric BMW i5 Touring prototype was spotted while testing it on roads.

In the image, we can see the whole body of the new BMW i5 Touring is covered with camouflage except for the roof. Also, the headlight and the tail light look like the actual production model lights which will we can expect to see in the actual production model.

The exterior design and the body is looks similar to the ICE BMW i5 Touring. So we think that this electric i5 Touring also looks the same as the old i5 touring but with some minor changes to show it’s an electric vehicle.

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Image source: motor1

With its size and design, we think this BMW i5 Touring will have a big 70 – 80 kWh battery that can provide up to 300 miles of range from a single charge. The power output of this car is difficult to guess but it will be more than the old i5 touring.

This BMW i5 Touring EV also can behave the same technical features as BMW iX and i4 and it could sharing the same architecture to build this car.

Now we can expect BMW will launch this i5 Touring by 2024 with other upcoming EVs which will be launched along with it.

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