Cadillac Celestiq price, interior & release date 2022

The upcoming 2023 Cadillac Celestiq will be a luxurious electric sedan by the Cadillac. According to some rumors, the Cadillac Celestiq price will be around $300,000 and is expected to launch in 2023.

The Cadillac spokesman said that ”we have not revealed any pricing details of the Cadillac Celestiq but the Celestiq EV will be an exclusive and bespoke product and is priced accordingly”.

The 2023 Cadillac Celestiq will be one of the most luxurious electric sedans which will be hand-assembled and only 500 models are produced per year.

If the Cadillac Celestiq is worth $300,000 then it will be very exclusive and luxurious as Rolls-Royce, Bently, or any other super luxurious car.

So, here is the 2023 Cadillac Celestiq expected features and specifications.

Cadillac Celestiq Specifications

Release date2023
Battery60kWh to 100kWh
Range300-400 miles
Max PowerAround 500hp
Max TorqueAround 600Nm Torque
Top speed130mph
Seating capacity4
Cadillac Celestiq specifications

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Cadillac Celestiq Price

The official price of the Cadillac Celestiq is not revealed by the Cadillac but the earlier rumors said that the Celestiq price will start from $90,000 to $120,000 for its top model.

But now the new rumors said that the 2023 Cadillac Celestiq price will be around $300,000, Which is very expensive. If Cadillac Celestiq is priced around $300,000 then it will be a super luxurious premium electric sedan.

Cadillac Celestiq EV
Cadillac Celestiq EV

Cadillac Celestiq Release date

The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq release date is not confirmed by Cadillac, but according to some rumors the Cadillac Celestiq will be launched in late 2023 or in 2024.

Cadillac is making something exclusive on the upcoming Celestiq EV so it may take some time to arrive.

Cadillac Celestiq Range & Battery

The Cadillac Celestiq is an Ultra-luxurious electric car so it needs more power and range. The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq is expected to have a 60 kWh to 100 kWh battery which is able to provide around 300 miles to 500 miles of range from a single charge.

There may be different Battery options available to choose which can provide different ranges.

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Cadillac Celestiq Power and Performance

The Cadillac Celestiq EV will be a powerful electric vehicle, Which may have a dual motor setup with All-wheel driving. The Cadillac Celestiq is expected to produce around 500hp power and around 600Nm of Torque.

So, the top speed of the Celestiq will be around 130 mph to 150mph if it has the power which we mentioned here.

Celestiq Cadillac
Cadillac Celestiq 2023

Cadillac Celestiq Interior

The Cadillac Celestiq is a luxury electric car so, the Cadillac Celestic interior will be ultra-luxurious and best in comfort. There will be four luxurious comfortable seats that have their own compartment with all control in their hand.

Also, the Cadillac Celestiq EVs are hand-assembled and only 500 models are produced in a year so its interior and exterior are detailedly made.

The seats of Calestiq are adjustable and have so many features like an automatic door opening and closing, temperature control of seats, a Cup holder, a Seat table, etc.

Overall the Cadillac Celestiq interior is on the top of the line in luxury and comfort.

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Cadillac Celestiq Features

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Cruise control
  • Regenerative braking
  • Multiple Airbags
  • Voice control
  • Adjustable seats
  • Emergency Breaking
  • Android and Apple play support
  • Wireless charging
  • Electric power steering wheel
  • Temperature control seats
  • Automatic door open and close

There are so many features in the Celestiq EV that may be revealed when it is launched.

Cadillac Celestiq Warranty

The Cadillac Clestiq will have a four to five-year or 50,000 miles range Warranty on the battery and Motor.

Cadillac Celestiq EV video: CNET cars

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Cadillac Celestiq FAQs

How much will the Cadillac Celestiq cost?

According to some rumors, the Cadillac Celestiq will cost around $300,000.

What is Cadillac Celestiq?

The Cadillac Celestiq is the upcoming electric car from Cadillac which is an Ultra-luxurious electric sedan.

How many miles can Cadillac Celestiq go?

The Cadillac Celestiq can go up to 300 miles to 500 miles from a single charge.

How fast is the Cadillac Celestiq?

The Cadillac Celestiq’s top speed will be around 130mph to 150mph.

What is the release date of the Cadillac Celestiq?

The Cadillac Celestiq will be released in late 2023 or in early 2024.


In my opinion, Cadillac is known for its best cars in the segment so, the Cadillac Celestiq cost around $300,000 then it will be valued for money which will be ultra-luxurious and have so many features.

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