Chevy has been a leader in the electric car market for longer than most
companies, beginning with the 2010 launch of the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid.

To keep growing the electrified products and services from Chevrolet, Bell
stated that the firm intends to continue understanding the best practices from
its earlier Volt projects, like the Volt, Bolt EV, and Bolt EUV. They introduced
their new EV name as chevy blazer EV.

The Chevy Blazer EV is a new midsize crossover. It was designed to provide
drivers with an all-around experience that doesn’t sacrifice the range of a
mid-size SUV. The Blazer EV is available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive
and has an estimated range of up to 320 miles to accommodate drivers.

This electric vehicle can connect with other cars through its in-vehicle Wi-Fi,
and many vehicles have been equipped with an enhanced entertainment
system as well as other advanced driver assistance systems like adaptive
cruise control, blind spot monitoring, parking assist, and lane departure

In this post, we cover all the information you want to know about the new SUV,
the chevy blazer EV. If you read the article till the end, you will get something

Chevy Blazer EV Specs

Price$45,595 to $65,999
Release date2023
BatteryAround 60kWh
Range320 miles
Max Power300-500hp
Max Torque600lb-ft torque
Top speedAround 100mph
0-60 speed time4 seconds
Charging Time7 hours
Seating Capacity5
2023 Chevy Blazer EV Specs
2023 Chevy Blazer EV

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Chevy Blazer EV Cost

The Chevy Blazer EV will be available in the United States. It will be sold
through Chevrolet dealerships and authorized dealers, as well as by
independent retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

It is still unclear how much the Blazer EV 1LT trim will cost. Chevy says the
Blazer EV 2LT will start at “around $45,595” and the Blazer EV RS and SS trims
will cost $51,995 and $65,999, respectively. There may be a difference
between the above-stated price and the actual chevy blazer EV price as this
was only a prediction.
The base model includes an all-electric range of up to 320 miles on a single
, which you can use in daily driving situations. If you want more range
than that, there are other models available with extended battery packs for
about $4,500 more—or even longer if you opt for one of their Plug-In Hybrid

Interior and exterior features of the Chevy Blazer EV:

The Chevy Blazer EV is an electric vehicle that has a range of about 120 miles.
It’s based on the current generation of the Chevrolet Blazer, but with a few new
features and upgrades like LED headlights, LED taillights, and body-colored
rocker panels
. Let’s take a quick look at the interior and exterior features of
this SUV.
The chevy blazer EV interior features include two power windows, side
mirrors, and door handles; dual glove compartments; AM/FM radio; automatic
temperature control; trip computer with odometer, fuel gauge, and tachometer;
cargo management system with 60/40 split rear seat plus fold-down seats for
hauling cargo or extra passengers (child seats sold separately); rear window
defroster w/auto off feature.

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The chevy blazer EV exterior features of the Chevy Blazer EV include: 17-inch
aluminum wheels; body-color front and rear bumpers; chrome grille surround
with black inserts; dual exhaust outlets (sedan only); halogen headlights
w/auto on/off feature and fog lights
(not available on hatchback models);
heated power side mirrors w/turn signals; LED daytime running lamps (DRL)
and illuminated vanity mirrors for the driver’s side only.

chevy blazer ev interior
Chevy Blazer EV exterior & interior

Technology in the Chevy Blazer EV

A standard 17.7-inch touchscreen display and an 11.0-inch entirely digital
head-up display will come with the Blazer EV. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
must come as standard on all models. Chevrolet also provides a 3×7-inch
head-up display, which is optional on some basic grades. It comes standard on
the SS.
Two USB-C outlets are located up front, while the back passengers also have
access to two USB ports. Software updates can be downloaded wirelessly using
Chevrolet’s Ultify technology.

Chevy Blazer EV: Release Date?

Chevrolet has made no official announcement in this regard. In the summer of
2023, the Chevy Blazer EV will begin sales. Most versions will be available
then, but the range-topping Blazer EV SS won’t be available until late 2023.
Additionally, Chevy says the entry-level Blazer EV 1LT will arrive much later.

Chevy Blazer EV Models:

The chevy blazer ev, which was revealed at an incredible premiere gala in
Hollywood, California, will be based on General Motors’ new Ultium
architecture, a modular electric platform including an 800-volt design and up
to 200 kWh of storage that is at the core of the automaker’s EV plan.

There was a lack of information on the Blazer EV and its various trims. But
enough detail was given to give the client a fair sense of what to predict for
the next year.
Five trim levels of the chevy blazer ev will be available at launch: the 1LT, 2LT,
RS, SS, and the Police Pursuit model
. The launch will happen in phases, with
the LT and RS trims being available in the summer of 2023 and the SS and
Police Pursuit variants following in the first half of 2024.

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Blazer EV

Safety features of the Chevrolet Blazer EV

The electric Blazer also comes with cutting-edge systems like automated
emergency braking, which is standard; lane-keeping support; front pedestrian
identification and stop; as well as additional reverse autonomous stopping
and Smart Park Assist.

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Chevy Blazer EV FAQs

How much will the Chevy Blazer EV cost?

Chevy Blazer EV price starts from $45,595 for the base model and it will go up to $65,999 for the top model.

Will the Chevy Blazer be electric?

Yes, Chevrolet made the all-electric version of the Chevy Blazer called Chevy Blazer EV. Which will release in late 2023.

Where will be Blazer EV made?

The upcoming Chevy Blazer EV is manufactured in the GM Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico.

What is the range of the Chevy Blazer EV?

The Chevy Blazer EV range will be around 320 miles from a single charge.

2023 chevy blazer EV Video credit: Chevrolet


In conclusion, the chevy blazer EV is a great car that offers a lot of benefits.
It’s capable of providing you with plenty of comfort and convenience while still
being practical enough to use in everyday life. The high level of integration
between all its systems has made it one of the most advanced electric
vehicles available today.
This makes it an excellent choice for those who want something different
from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles but still need some range on long
trips or commutes around town! Like its predecessor, the new Blazer has a
bold and muscular exterior that’s sure to turn heads. The design is similar to
the Chevy Blazer’s predecessor, the Trailblazer.
The new Blazer has a bold and muscular appearance with a new face,
muscular wheel arches, and a new grille. We update this article when we get
new updates regarding this new SUV.

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