Now you can play Cyberpunk on Tesla Steam Integration

tesla steam integration

Tesla has launched Steam Integration in its Model X and Model S which allows playing more than 1000+ in these electric cars. Tesla is always improving user experience in its car and believes that video games are also part of it. So, Tesla has been working on Steam Integration for years to make the best … Read more

Why is Switzerland banning electric cars know here

switzerland banning electric cars

You may hear the news of Switzerland banning Electric cars but is Switzerland actually banning electric cars or not if yes then why know here? The banning of electric cars in Switzerland is kinda true but the ban is not only applied to electric vehicles, but it also contains other major things which use electricity … Read more

The truth behind the Tesla Motorcycle

tesla motorcycle

Now you may be seen or heard about an upcoming Tesla Motorcycle which is known as Tesla Model M. Where you may see different images of this bike and some amazing features of the bike, Which are so futuristic, and non of any modern bike right now will compete against it. But you know the … Read more

Hyundai Pony EV price, range, release date & all specs

hyundai pony ev

The Hyundai pony EV is a compact crossover that offers great value for money. It has come to the market with very few rivals in its segment and it will become one of the most popular crossovers among buyers looking for something affordable but also fun to drive. Hyundai turned an actual first-generation car into … Read more

Sion EV Price, range, release date, interior & all specs

sion ev

There’s a lot of talk about Sion EV these days, but what is it? Simply the Sion is a cost-effectiveproduction-ready solar electric vehicle, originally built by German company Sono Motors. Only afew startups have advanced the still-emerging sector to the next level while the overwhelmingmajority of the world is still in the phase of switching … Read more

Chevy Silverado EV price, range, release date & all specs

chevy silverado ev

In the world of Chevy’s trucks, two things matter most: the truck and its reputation. The new model chevy Silverado EV isn’t just a redesign, it’s a complete reinvention of the great American workhorse. This newest model features all new technology and amenities as well as an improved interior design over earlier generations of this … Read more


dodge ev muscle car

The new Dodge EV Concept is the latest in muscle cars and a powerful challenger to more traditional, gas-guzzling vehicles. This article will show you what the exterior and interior look like, as well as give you info on the Dodge EV muscle car price, range, performance, release date, and specs.  Dodge EV muscle car: … Read more

Cadillac Celestiq price, interior & release date 2022

Cadillac Celestiq price

The upcoming 2023 Cadillac Celestiq will be a luxurious electric sedan by the Cadillac. According to some rumors, the Cadillac Celestiq price will be around $300,000 and is expected to launch in 2023. The Cadillac spokesman said that ”we have not revealed any pricing details of the Cadillac Celestiq but the Celestiq EV will be … Read more

Sony unveils its concept electric SUV the Sony Vision-S 02 its price and release date

Sony Vision-S 02

The japan based famous electronic product maker SONY has put its step in to electric car manufacturing. Sony unveils its concept electric SUV the Vision-S 02. Sony unveiled the Vision-S 02 in Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas 2022. Sony Vision-S 02 is developed under Sony mobility company. The Vision-S 02 comes with multiple LiDAR … Read more