Robot Army arrived in Giga Texas to build Cybertruck

It seems like Tesla has finally going to start the production of the Cybertruck in early 2023. Because according to a Twitter user @greggertruck shared a bill that shows Tesla has taken the delivery of many Kuka robots to the Gigafactory in Texas.

Kuka robots are armed robots that are used in manufacturing industries. Also, tesla also prefers these armed robots to manufacture most of its vehicles.

According to the bill, tesla has taken a delivery total of 66 Kuka robots to Giga Texas. But these 66 Kuka robots seem less for a big manufacturing factory like the tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck

So, we think that tesla has slowly built the manufacturing unit for Cybertruck production as tesla said that they will start production tesla Cybertruck in 2023.

But right now it’s not confirmed that tesla ordered these Kuku robots to build Cybertruck, But we can expect this robot most probably for cybertruck production.

But to a recent report tesla has reached 3,000 vehicles per week in Gigafactory Texas, But the actual goal of tesla is to 5,000 vehicles per week.

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So, tesla may use these robots to ramp up vehicle production to 5,000 per week or it will start the production cybertruck.

Let us know what you think about tesla will start the production of Cybertruck or if it will delay the cybertruck production as before.

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