Tesla Giga Berlin aims to produce 10,000 EVs per week

As recently Tesla reached 5,000 EVs per week just a few days ago and right now according to a German publication report Tesla is now on its way to adding a fourth shift in its assembly line to increase the EV production for up to 10,000 EVs per week.

And the third-shift assembly line has recently been completed with all required technicians and workers and now it looking forward to hiring more people for its fourth-shift assembly line.

If Tesla is able to achieve this 10,00 EVs per week then it can easily touch 500,000 EVs per year and it has now been approved by the government also to build this many EVs per year.

But Tesla has its next goal is to reach 1 million EVs per year which could be possible for Tesla if it begins its speed of production like this. Right now Giga Berlin manufactures only the Tesla Model Y which is one of the most selling EVs in Europe.

Also, in recent days Tesla cars are taking over the European car market don’t only in the EV segment, but the overall car market where the recent Sweden report shows that for the first time in history, an electric car becomes the selling car in Sweden in March 2023.

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