Know why Renault CEO believes that the Tesla price cut is a challenge for automakers

Renault CEO Fabrice Cambolive has recently said that the recent price cut of Tesla EVs is a big challenger for the automakers.

Here Cambolive statement says that it’s a warning for the other EV makers and the automakers that Tesla has started a price war in the EV segment where it has been aggressively reducing the price of its EVs rapidly.

This big price cut from Tesla has led other EV makers to reduce the price of their EV also to keep up in the EV price war.

Recently Tesla has made a massive price cut of its EVs by up to $5,000 and from all of these price cuts Tesla sales has been increased rapidly across the world.

So, now other EV makers are forced to reduce the price of their EVs so they can compete against Tesla EVs and their sales.

Rather than the Tesla price cut Tesla also has to launch another affordable $25,000 EV which will be the most cheapest electric car from Tesla, which is expected to increase Tesla sales in the affordable EV segment.

Also, a recent report says that Tesla building an additional production line in Giga Mexico for this $25,000 Tesla EV.

Now let us know in the comment below what you think about this Tesla price war and if it can will this EV price war.

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