Tesla Gigafactory Mexico will be first the Fisrt Gigafactory to build a $25k Tesla Model 2

A recent statement from the governor of Mexico shows that Tesla has built a new production line for the upcoming $25,000 Tesla car or the Tesla Model 2.

As per the reports, the governor of Mexico Samuel GarcĂ­a SepĂșlveda has said that the Tesla Gigafactory will be complete within 12 to 15 months because it has been working on its new $25k Tesla car production line.

It means Tesla may have started building its upcoming budget Tesla Models 2 from the Giga Mexico and the first production will take place in this Gigafactory.

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Now it is not confirmed whether Tesla has been making this new production line for the $25k Tesla models or it has been building this extra production line just to increase the existing EV productions.

Overall Tesla has plans to build the Giga Mexico faster than the Giga Shanghai. Where Giga Shanghai took 9 months to build which is the fastest record from Tesla to build any Gigafactory in the world.

But due to the new production line project, Tesla has not been able to complete this Giga Mexico project within 9 months.

Overall let us know in the comment below what do you think about this Teslas $25k EV project hint or this production line in Giga Mexico.

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