Ford to Reveal its High-Performance Electric drag car ‘Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800’ on April 14

Ford has recently teased a video on its Twitter Ford Performance page where it mentioned Pushed limits coming 4/13 with a video where we can see a car burning out with a massive power output and from the sound we can expect it’s an electric car.

As you pause the video takes a closer look at its back bumper where we can see it written “Super Cobra Jet 1800” From its back bumper design we can tell it’s an electric Mustang which is in a drag strip and launching towards with a lot of power.

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Now we can sure is this is an electric Mustang because back in April 2020 Ford introduced its first-ever high-performance electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 which is made for drag races and produces 1,502 horsepower.

As the 2020 Mustang EV produces 1,502 horsepower and is named 1400, we expect that this upcoming 1800 Cobra Jet can produce more than 1,800, making it one of the fastest electric drag cars.

So, let’s see on April 14 how much power this new Mustang EV and lets us know in the comments below, what your thought about this car.

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