Tesla Recalled the 422 Model 3 due to a Suspension issue

Tesla has recently recalled its 422 Tesla Model 3 due to an issue in the front suspension lateral link fasteners which could be loosened over time and could possibly cause an imbalanced wheel.

Now all the Model 3 which are recalled are the Model 3 EVs which are manufactured between January 2018 and March 2019.

Due to this front suspension lateral link fasteners loosened the vehicle can slowly ditch from the subframe of the car and the alignment of the car also be disbalance which could result in a crash or accident of the car due to the unbalanced wheels.

To the NHTSA report Tesla has recalled its Model 3 due to the front suspension issue which is first discovered by the investigation of this model when there are multiple complaints from the Tesla Model 3 owners, multiple warranty claims, and 2 reports filed by the customers led the Tesla to recall the Model 3s.

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Now Tesla has said that they will inform the Tesla owners who have this suspension issue through Mail by May 30 through a recall notice. But if you are a Model 3 owner and facing this issue then you can contact the Tesla service center and fix this problem before the recall notice is sent by the Tesla officials.

But If you have noticed this problem and fixed it by yourself with your own expenses then Tesla said they will repay you the money which you used to fix the front suspension lateral link fasteners.

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