Rivian CEO confirmed the upcoming Rivian R2 EVs will be more affordable than R1 EVs

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe has recently revealed its future plans for the Rivian in an interview with the famous Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee. Where he mentioned future plans for its upcoming Rivian R2 lineups.

In this interview CEO RJ Scaringe gives some details of the future plans and upcoming products of the Rivian. Where they have plans to make more affordable EVs so they can reach out to more customers. Whereas its competitor Tesla has recently dropped the price of its EVs up to $5,000.

As Scaringe explained that Rivian fans can look for its Rivian R2 lineup of EVs because they have made the Rivian R2 more affordable but keeping the power output the same as the R1 lineup, where it’s capable to do extreme off-roading.

But they have to make it less luxurious and have to remove the door-mounted flashlights and some other changes to make this R2 lineup cost-efficient.

So, we can expect the upcoming R2 will be less luxurious and have some changes in it but the power output will be the same or similar to the R1 lineup as Scaringe said.

Also, in the interview, Scaringe has not talked anything about the Rivian e-bike and some recent reports claim that Rivian has been developing the e-bike.

So, right now we don’t know whether the Rivian e-bike project will be a secret that cannot be disclosed right or it will be fake news just made up by the fans.

Overall let us know in the comment below what do you think about this Rivian R2 lineup.

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