Tesla Yacht price, range, interior & all specs 2023

When it comes to a luxury yacht there is not any specific yacht right now that is fully electric and has futuristic features. But you have to check out this concept design of the Tesla Yacht which can completely make a revolution in luxury yachts as it is made in electric cars.

This Tesla Superyacht also known as Tesla Model Y Yacht is an ultraluxury All-electric superyacht that comes with futuristic features and specs like Autosailing, Solar panels, and an advanced electric motor which made this yacht different from any other best yachts in the market.

Also, the Tesla Superyacht which we mentioned in this article is not been officially designed by Tesla and right now there is no hint from tesla about making a fully electric yacht by them.

But this Tesla Y Yacht concept design is made by a Tesla fan and a UX Designer Dhruv Prasad, where Prasad has implemented all of his creativity and expectations in this Tesla Yacht.

So, here in this article, we will give the all information and specification details of this concept Tesla Super yacht which will probably be an actual Tesla Superyacht in the future.

Tesla Yacht Features

  • Ultra Luxury All-Electric Superyacht
  • Unique futuristic design inspired by Tesla Model S & Roadster
  • Autosailing features to sail the yacht itself like Tesla Autopilot
  • High power and long range
  • Priced around $700 million

Tesla Yacht Concept Design

According to the UX Designer, Dhruv Prasad his concept design of this yacht is inspired by the Tesla Model S and Tesla Roadster which are one of the best high-performing electric cars from Tesla. Also, from another angle, the design of this yacht looks similar to a squid

So, this squid-like design which gives a sharp edge at the front makes it easy to go through heavy waves easily. And on top of this Yacht, there are multiple solar cell attached panels that can produce extra energy while sailing on the sea.

Also, this Tesla Yacht is 40 meters long and 8 meters wide in size. At the back, it has a low-lying area with a jacuzzi where people can relax. Also, this yacht is colored in red and white which is inspired by a Tesla Supercharger.

tesla model y yacht

Tesla Yacht Price & Release Date

Now the price of This Tesla Superyacht is estimated at around $700 million because it’s a fully electric luxury yacht. and the most expensive part of this yacht is its battery which will power the whole yacht.

If we compare the price of this yacht to any other luxury yacht in the market then this Superyacht is very expensive whereas a normal luxury yacht will be available for around $250 million.

But the features and other specs of this Yacht are not compatible with any other yacht if it becomes an actual production Superyacht.

Also, If Tesla decides to make an All-Electric yacht like this concept one then we can expect Tesla may launch its yacht in late 2030-35.

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Tesla Yacht Range & Battery

Now there is not any specific detail on the battery size of this model y yacht, but we can expect this superyacht may have over 5000 kWh battery pack which can provide up to 1,000 miles of range from a single charge.

And also it can produce electricity from the turbines which can produce Hydroelectricity even it’s sailing on the sea. The second option is to power the yacht from a powerful Solar panel that is attached to the top of the yacht and can charge the yacht even if it stayed in one place.

Overall you don’t need to be stuck in the middle of the ocean by running out of charge so it has other alternative charging methods to charge it without an EV charger.

So, from these extra charging methods, we can consider it will never run out of charge while in the ocean.

tesla superyacht

Tesla Yacht Power & Performance

According to the concept design, this Tesla Yacht has a Dual motor system that is very powerful and can produce over 20,000 horsepower with over 40,000-50,000 lb-ft of Torque.

From this power, this model Y Yacht can reach up to a top speed of 80 mph. which makes it one of the fastest yachts in the world.

Overall if the actual Tesla decided to make an actual model Y Yacht then it will be after 10-15 years, and by that time of that, there will be new technology that can make it more powerful than what we mentioned above.

Tesla Yacht Interior

The interior of this Tesla Yacht is luxurious and has many futuristic features. This Yacht consists of two decks top and bottom and the top deck consists of an open-concept living area that has a big bar, and patented seats made up of unique material so it can change their shape, also it has a big TV for entertainment.

tesla yacht interior

Also, this living area can be converted into a party area with one click where the lights come out. Overall this is a perfect luxury yacht for a billionaire to have one of these.

And the bottom deck consists of other living rooms and other yacht-controlling rooms.

Tesla Yacht Specs

Price$700 million
Battery5000+ kWh
Range1000+ mile
HorsepowerAround 20,000 hp
TorqueAround 40,000-50,000 lb-ft
Top Speed70 knots or 80 mph
Length40 meters
Width8 meters
Tesla Model Yacht Specs

FAQs of Tesla Yacht

How much will the Tesla yacht cost?

The tesla Yacht is expected to price around $700 million.

Is Tesla making a Yacht?

No, Tesla not making any yacht but the concept design of a tesla Superyach is designed by a UX designer Dhruv Prasad.

How fast is the Tesla Superyacht?

The Tesla superyacht is expected to go up to a top speed of 70 knots or 80 mph.

What is the range of the Tesla Yacht?

The Tesla yacht can go up to 1000 miles on a single charge and can also produce some extra power from a solar panel and a Hydraulic system.

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Overall all of this is a concept of the Tesla Superyacht and we think that Tesla will not have any plans to make a luxury All-electric yacht right now. But the concept design and spec of this imaginary Tesla Model Y Yacht are so futuristic and unbelievable.

So, let us know in the comment below that tesla will make a Tesla Superyacht in the future, if it is made then what is your expectation from it?

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