In 2022 Norway has dominated by EVs with 80% of vehicles sold in the country an EV

The Automotive industry of Norway has been dominated by EVs with nearly 80% of the passenger cars sold in Norway being an EV. And Tesla has topped these EV races with a 12.2 percent market share in EV sales.

The 2022 total car sale report was revealed by the Norwegian Road Federation(OFV) in a statement that revealed a total of 79.3 percent of passenger vehicles sold in Norway is an EVs, Where Tesla has sold a total of 138,265 Evs.

The surprising thing is at the starting 9 months of 2022 the total EV sales in the countries is only 8.6 percent. But by the end of 2023, the Norwegian household is rushed to buy EVs before the EV tax changes in the new year.

So, 82.8 percent of total EV registration are made only in the month of December. Which ramp up the EV sale to the top in the last month of 2022.

2023 electric vehicle tax credits

Also, if we compare this EV sale to the previous 2021 where the total market share of EVs is 64.5 percent with Tesla at the top. Where Norway’s government also wants to make the entire country’s new car will be a zero-emission vehicle by 2025.

As the increase of popularity and sales of EVs in Norway and other European countries. Now it does not look impossible to make 100% zero-emission vehicles in the entire country.

Also one of the main reasons which lead citizens to buy an EV due to the subsidies and tax credits that are provided by the government for EVs.

These Tax Credits, free parking, and fewer toll fee made EVs cheaper and easy to buy compared to a gasoline vehicle.

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