Just behind Giga Berlin, Giga Texas is to reach 5,000 EVs per week very soon

As per the recent Tesla update, Tesla Giga Berlin reached the 5,000 EVs per week milestone weeks ago, and now a Twitter user and Tesla enthusiast Jeff Roberts share an image of Giga Texas which shows how Tesla can soon reach the 5,000 EVs per week milestone.

As per Robberts when he flew a drone around Giga Texas and noticed that Tesla has increased its production speed and it has been shipping more Model Y’s than ever where he noted that according to his calculation there are 50 Model Y’s per hour shipped.

Also, he wrote Beware Giga Berlin which means he noticed that Tesla may soon reach the Giga Berlin’s recent achievement of 5,000 EVs per week and the Giga Texas can reach this goal soon and may overtake Giga Berlin in terms of production.

On the other hand there is a possible chance of Tesla may start the production of the Tesla Cybertruck in Giga Texas as per multiple reports.

So, Tesla is trying to produce as much as Model Y in early 2023 then later on they will focus on the production of Cybertruck in Giga Texas.

So, let us know in the comment below what do you think about this Tesla Model Y Production boost and whether will Tesla start the Cybertruck production this year in Giga Texas.

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