Tesla Cybertruck delivery will start by the end of 2023

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated EVs from Tesla right now Tesla has delayed the production and launch of the Cybertruck many times but right now we can expect the Cybertruck will arrive in 2023.

Here is why?

We expect that Cybertruck will arrive in 2023 because for the past few months of last year there are so many activities going around Tesla GigaFactory Texas which seems like Tesla is finally ready to start the production of Cybertruck in 2023.

Also, tesla has aimed to start the production of Cybertruck and some of them will be delivered by mid of 2023.

Now the main reason which makes us think that Cybertruck will arrive soon is That in mid of 2022 some Cybertruck prototypes are spotted at Giga Texas while testing them on track.

Then later in December 2022, Tesla Cybertruck bodies are spotted at Giga Texas, and later that Twitter user shared a report which shows that Tesla has taken the delivery of 66 Kuka robots at Giga Texas which will be used to set up the assembly line to start the production of cybertruck.


Also, there is a rumor that says Tesla is also working on a 2-door small Cybertruck mini. Which just looks like a rumor only.

Now let us know in the comment below what do you think that Tesla Cybertruck will arrive in 2023 or if it will again delay as usual.

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