VW scout EV price, concept, release date, and all specs 2023

The increase in the number of Electric vehicles in the world and their popularity and demand makes every single automotive company make its own electric vehicle to move into this future EV race.

But most companies have just created their own EVs within the same brand and some other companies are starting their new brands dedicated to these future electric vehicles.

So, the german motor vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen decided to start its new brand which is called Scout motors or the VW Scout EV dedicated to manufacturing future electric vehicles. But this Scout is not a new brand made by VW it’s an existing company called International Harvester that used to manufacture off-roading vehicles back in 1961-1980.

Even though this scout does not manufacture any vehicle right now, there are many scout fans who had this old scout off-road SUV and trucks because of its performance and the unique look of it.

So, VW is decided to rebuild this brand as an all-electric vehicles manufacturer company. Which is focusing on building all-electric vehicles like off-roading SUVs and trucks which are dedicated to the US markets.

VW Scout EV Concept

So on November 2022, Scout revealed the concept design of their upcoming off-road EVs which consists of an SUV and a pickup truck. Also, the scout has revealed the official website of these new EV brands scout motors where the scout and other EV enthusiasts can register and give suggestions and opinions on this EV.

According to scout, they will set up multiple new factories in the united states to manufacture these new EVs which are dedicated and made for the united states market. And according to some reports Scout has aimed to produce more than 250,000 EVs per annum and their production will begin by 2026.

VW Scout EV design

The concept design sketch of the Scout EV SUV and truck which was revealed by the Scout shows a brief overview of how this new Scout EV looks. Where it seems like VW is keeping the old boxy design of the vehicles as it was in the early scout vehicles.

So, the future next-generation scout electric vehicles will carry the old boxy design with a new EV touch on them.

vw scout ev suv


As we mentioned above VW has tried to keep the same boxy exterior design of the new scout EVs and the VW scout EV SUV design also looks boxy in the concept sketch. It looks similar to a Rivian R1s SUV from our viewpoint so let us know in the comment below what you think looks like the Rivian EV SUV or any other SUV in the market.

VW Scout EV Truck

Also, the VW Scout EV Truck concept design also looks similar to the Rivian R1t truck from the side view. But we know that VW has something different plans for these 2 new Scout off-road vehicles so the design will now look similar to the Rivian vehicles but the actual concept design will be different from it because VW is building these Scout EVs in the new EV platform which has new technologies.

VW Scout EV Price

Right now VW has not disclosed any information about the Scout EVs except their concept sketch designs so the official price of the scout EVs will be revealed when they reveal the Scot EVs concept design of both vehicles this year.

But we can expect the price of the upcoming scout EV will be between $50,000 to $75,000. Where the base model of the VW scout EV Truck price will start from $50,000 and the top model of the VW Scout EV SUV price will be up to $75,000.

Now all of these prices are only the guess only so the actual price of the Scout EVs will be different from this which will be confirmed by VW in the future.

VW Scout EV Release Date

The release and the production of the VW scout EVs are revealed by the company according to VW the Scout EVs production will start in 2026 and the delivery is expected to begin in 2027.

And the pre-booking for these Scout EVs will start this year as soon as VW launches the Scout EVs.

vw scout ev truck

VW Scout EV Range and Battery

As this, both Scout EVs are made for off-roading so they need a big and powerful battery that can last longer and can produce maximum power for the tough off-road trails.

So, we can expect the both VW Scout EV SUV and the VW Scout EV Truck will have the same battery which will be around 100 kWh and with this big battery, we can expect this both off-road EVs will be able to provide up to 300-500 miles of range from a single charge.

And this big battery can charge quickly from a DC fast charger which will take up to 1 hour and the normal AC charger will take up to 15 hours for the full charge.

VW Scout EV Power & Performance

Now the power output of these new EVs can vary between 600 horsepower to 1000 horsepower and around 500-800 lb-ft of torque because it is an off-road EV’s so they need more power for the best performance in off-road conditions.

If the Scout EVs have this much power then they can easily accelerate from 0-60 in around 3-4 seconds and can reach up to a top speed of 120-130 mph. Also, the VW Scout EV Truck is expected to tow up to 10,000 pounds.

Overall the upcoming Scout EVs will be the powerful off-road EVs that will be a competitor for the existing off-road EVs like Hummer EV SUV and Truck, Rivian R1t and R1s, RAM 1500 REV, Ford f-150 lightning EV, etc.

VW Scout EV Specs

Release Date2026
Battery100 kWh
Range300-500 miles
Charging Time1 hour
Horsepower600 hp to 1000 hp
Torque500-800 lb-ft torque
0-60 Time3-4 seconds
Top Speed120-130 mph
Towing Capacity10,000 pounds
VW Scout EV Specs


Overall all of these specs given here are our opinion and comparing this EV to the other EVs which are available in the market and their specs. So, all the specifications given here about VW Scout EV are not official specs just overviews and guesses from evgalaxys.com.

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