Ariel rider grizzly v2 price, top speed, range & all specs

The ariel rider grizzly v2 is one of the most popular electric bikes on the market and with good reason. It has all the features found in other e-bikes in this price range. The best thing about this bike is that it’s not only affordable but also durable.

In this blog post, we are going to provide you with all the details about this amazing e-bike starting from its features, and price to its reviews. Let’s start without any delay.

Ariel rider grizzly v2 Features

Here are some fantastic features of this compact e-bike:

  • It has an LCD screen with a speedometer, odometer, and system diagnostics.
  • The top speed of this electric bike is 36 mph.
  • It is available with 1000W front and rear motors which makes it all-wheel drive.
  • It features a 52-volt battery pack.

Ariel rider grizzly v2 Price

Most people confuse about its price, but we are clear here that the starting price of this fantastic compact e-bike is roughly around $3099. This price is considerable if you look at the features or specs of this e-bike. This bike will give a smile on your face.

The popular two-wheel drive D-class moped serves as the Grizzly’s inspiration. The Grizzly has been upgraded with a double battery and stronger electric motors. The Grizzly has more torque, speed, and power. We are damn sure, this bike will surely turn heads on the roads.

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Ariel rider grizzly v2 battery(
Ariel rider grizzly battery(Image: arielrider)

Ariel rider grizzly v2 Range & Battery

A maximum capacity of 32 Ah, or 1,664 Wh, is effectively carried by the Grizzly, which is driven by two Samsung-cell 52-V battery packs that are placed between the parcel rack and the downtube. The back battery is 52V 20Ah, and the center battery is 52V 15Ah. For further security and simpler charging, the batteries can also be removed with a key.

You can and should be able to charge the battery from zero to one hundred percent in six hours using dual chargers. According to Ariel Rider, it can give you a range of up to 75 miles. That’s sufficient for any compact e-bike.

Ariel rider grizzly v2 top speed & power

Dual 1000-watt motors make up the Grizzly V2. This is the first time we’ve ever seen dual motors on an e-bike, and they produce a lot more power than any other model. All future Grizzly e-bikes will use dual 1000-watt motors because, according to the Grizzly’s manufacturer, Ariel Riders, it is now much simpler to obtain these motors.

The top speed of the Grizzly is 20 mph (32.19 km/h). But you may unlock it so that it can reach 36MPH (59.94 KMH). The Grizzly V2 is the fastest e-Bike once it has been unlocked.

It seems like you’re riding a motorbike or motorized scooter when it’s unlocked and you’re using the throttle. Simply adjusting the throttle will cause the tires to peel away. A huge amount of power is being produced.

ariel rider grizzly
Ariel rider grizzly ebike(Image: arielrider)

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Ariel rider grizzly v2 Accessories

These are the extra Accessories available to make your ride easy and comfortable.

  • Extension Saddle
  • Airel rider tank bag
  • Rear Rack
  • Remote-controlled rechargeable home and alarm
  • Cargo plus rear rack
  • Universal bar-end mirror
  • Bicycle chain cleaner
  • Cargo basket
  • Universal bicycle cup holder
  • Mini portable bicycle air pump
  • Pannier bag
  • Short saddle for X-Class grizzly
  • Moto tote mini bike rack & tie down bundle
  • Adjustable water bottle holder

Airel rider grizzly v2 weight & body

The Grizzly V2 weighs 104 pounds. The Grizzly’s front and rear suspensions are one of the favorite features. Both the front and rear suspensions are movable, with the front’s hydraulic suspension allowing you to change the rebound speed. The top speed can be unlocked with this password: 1919.

For lengthy rides, the Ariel Rider Grizzly’s basic seat is exceptionally comfy. It is large and fluffy. The saddle is only made to fit one person. To fit a second passenger, you can also purchase a longer saddle.

Foot pegs for a second rider are standard equipment on the Grizzly. The saddle is only made to fit one person. The 20′′x4′′ CST tires on Grizzly are puncture-resistant.

ariel rider grizzly v2 top speed
ariel grizzly ebike chain(Image: arielrider)

The tires have a wonderful fat groove and provide excellent grip on packed gravel, trails, and roads. The Grizzly’s display is stunning. You can usually see it nicely most of the time.

But even with polarised sunglasses, it can be a little difficult to see in the bright sun. You will appreciate how simple and useful the display is. The menu is highly user-friendly, and changing settings is a joy.

Since you can ride Grizzly instead of a car or motorcycle, you don’t have to rely exclusively on pedal assistance. To drive the eBike, you only need to turn the throttle. Depending on how much assistance you prefer, you can disable the pedal assist or pick one of the five-speed levels.

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Ariel rider grizzly v2 Review

The ariel rider grizzly v2 is an all-around performer. It has a great range, powerful battery, and performance, with specs to match. But it also has some drawbacks like pedal assistance is excessive when speed is unlocked, because of its weight, the Grizzly is not the fastest bike, while jumping, the ground rattles, a unique carrier is required to transport anything, and not made to handle incredibly steep inclines.

Grizzly is fantastic for entertainment and travel. The person who wants to switch from a moped, motorbike, or motorized scooter is suitable for this bike. The Grizzly bike does not require a license, insurance, or registration where we reside, unlike a moped or motorcycle would. You may reach your location very quickly thanks to the Grizzly’s top speed of 36 mph.

Ariel rider grizzly v2 Specs

Motor1000 watt
Battery52V, 32Ah two batteries
Range75 miles
Charging Time6 hours
Top Speed36 mph
Weight LimitAround 350lbs
Ariel rider grizzly v2 specs
Ariel rider grizzly v2 breaks
Ariel rider grizzly v2 breaks(Image: arielrider)

Ariel rider grizzly v2 FAQs

How fast does Ariel rider grizzly go?

The Ariel rider grizzly electric bike can go up to 36 mph at top speed.

How much does Ariel rider grizzly v2 cost?

The ariel rider grizzly v2 ebike price starts from $3099.

How long does it take to charge an Ariel grizzly bike?

The ariel grizzly bike will take up to 6 hours to charge from 0-100%.

What is the range of Ariel rider grizzly v2?

The ariel rider grizzly v2 can go up to 75 miles on a single charge.

Ariel rider grizzly(Video: Electric vehicles space)

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The Grizzly V2 e-bike is one of the best electric bikes you can buy. It’s fun, it’s powerful. We hope this article has helped understand what features, or specifications Grizzly V2 is offering.

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