Energica Ego price, top speed, range & all specs

Energica Ego Electric bikes are the new buzz of the town. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also they are easy to use. One can master them in no time. And can be used by all family members. You will be overwhelmed with several options available in the market and find it challenging to buy the perfect bike according to your requirement.

If this is the case, you have just landed in the right place because this article will review Energica Ego, the superbike that has revolutionized the future. Let’s find out the features of this superbike.

Energica Ego Electric Bike

This Italian superbike is quite beautiful, designed and developed by CRP group, which specializes in CNC machining and 3D printing for motorsport and the aerospace industry. The bike weighs around 573 lbs(260 kg) and can achieve a top speed of 150 Mph. What draws our attention is its charging speed.

When it comes to performance, then it is far better than any traditional, internal combustion bike. Since an Italy manufacturer has designed it, you will witness a shapely curve and an attractive front. Overall the design is impressive and makes the owner feel proud.

Regarding Energica Ego seating position, this bike offers a better comfortable and sporty position, due to which the rider feels connected to the motorcycle.  The front suspension is very soft and can easily handle all the road bumps.

Energica Ego Features

  • 4.3” WQYGA 480×272 TFT Colour Display
  • 4 Riding Modes: Eco, Standard, Wet, Sport
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso III front and rear tires
  • MYEnergica App connectivity
  • Cast Aluminium Swingarm
  • 4 Regenerative Maps: Low, Medium, High, Off
  • GPS navigation and Bluetooth
  • 9 Warning Lights
  • Steel Tubular Trellis Frame
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Vehicle Control Unit
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Park Assistance: 1,5 mph (2,8 km/h) Max Speed back and forth
  • Traction Control
  • Cruise Control
energica ego price
Energica Motorcycle Image: energicamotor

Energica Ego Dimensions

Height1166 mm
Length2140 mm
Width870 mm
Wheelbase1465 mm
Seat Height810 mm
Weight573 lbs(260 kg
Energica Ego electric bike Dimensions

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Energica Ego Price

Energica Ego is a bike that everyone wants to have. Initially, the top model was priced at $40000. But now the pricing has been reduced. One can purchase the base model at $25000. For the high variant, you will pay around $32600. The prices are showroom prices and depend upon the color of the accessories one purchases.

Energica Ego Range & Battery

According to company claims, this Energica Ego bike can go up to 260 miles while traveling at a speed of 35 Mph, which is similar to the real-world scenario. The bike is powered by a 21.5 kWh Lithium Ion battery that is sufficient to cover 260 miles at 35 Mph speed.

However, company specifications are 1200 cycles at 80% capacity. Batteries can be charged by using AC and DC power. If you look for a 220-volt power outlet, it may take 3.5 hours to charge the battery completely. A 110-volt AC may completely charge the battery in 8 hours. But you will see a drastic decrease in the charging time if you use DC charging, through which you can charge 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes.

energica ego specs
Energica Ego Instrument Cluster

Energica Ego Power & Performance

When it comes to power, it is hard to get any other bike in the same range. The Energica Ego motor spins up quickly, which can be breathtaking. The bike can easily catch a speed of 80 Mph in no time. However, you may feel the decline in torch beyond this speed. While riding within the town, it will be difficult for you to distinguish the sound quality against a 1000 CC motorbike.

The Permanent Magnet AC motor of the Energica Ego bike can produce up to 107 kW power which is 145 hp and 158 lb-ft(215 Nm) of torque. With this power, the Energica Ego top speed is around 149 mph (240 km/h). Also, the Energica Ego can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds which is faster than any other superbike. This much power easily competes with any normal engine superbike.

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Energica Ego Riding Modes

There are four different riding modes for a rider. Each mode has its limitations and preferences. For example,

ECO mode – Limits the speed and the power. In the eco mode, you cannot increase your speed to more than 55 Mph. This mode is designed to provide a comfortable journey within the city. It can also be helpful if you are running out of power.

Standard Mode is perfect for any ride beyond the city or the suburbs. It linearly builds power so that you have better control over your ride.

Wet Mode – This mode is designed to keep you safe during the rainy season, whether driving in the suburbs or on highways. This mode slower the torque-building process and limits the speed. Turn on this mode to get you safe from the rain.

Sport Mode – And finally, the sport mode allows you to ride the bike like a pro. However, the maximum speed that can be achieved is 85 Mph.


The Energica Ego comes with ABS braking from Brembo. It will give you confidence during the ride. These 330 mm front brakes and 240 mm rear brakes are sufficient to control this superbike’s speed.

Regenerative Mode

There are four modes available for regenerated braking. The four modes are high, medium, low, and off. In high mode, your battery will be charged at a higher speed, while you can turn off the regenerative feature by switching to off mode. This can be used in case you are traveling on a slippery surface.


This Energica Ego bike comes with 3 year and 30,000 miles (50,000) of running warranty.

energica ego top speed

Energica Ego Review

When compared to other electric bikes in the segment Energica Ego is a full-fledged motorcycle. If you are looking for an electric bike to commute daily to the office and nearby places, then you will luck with Energica Ego. What makes it different from other bikes is that you can charge it with AC and DC power. The built quality is incredible, and it can compete with any other bike in the segment at the same price. You get a fancy TFT dashboard with easy-to-read graphics even during sunny days. You find CNC aluminum parts even at places you can’t imagine. The neatly placed switches are very approachable and practical, giving you flexibility while riding the bike.

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Energica Ego Specs

MotorPermanent Magnet AC, Oil Cooled
Battery21.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery
Range260 miles (420 km)
Horsepower145 hp
Torque158 lb-ft (215 Nm) of Torque
Top Speed149 mph (240 km/h)
0-60 mph time2.8 seconds
Charging Time30 min (0-85% Soc) Mode 4 Dc Fast Charge
Seat Height810 mm
Weight573 lbs(260 kg)
Energica Ego Specs

FAQs of Energica Ego

How much does the Energica Ego cost?

The Energica Ego bike price starts from around $$25,000 and will go up to $32,600.

How fast is the Energica Ego motorcycle?

The Energica Ego is an all-electric superbike that can go up to 150 mph (240 km/h) at top speed.

What is the range of the Energica Ego?

The Ego bike can go up to 260 miles (420 km) on a single charge.

Does Energica Ego have traction control?

Yes, Energica motorcycles have traction control and other safety features in it.

Energica Motorcycle Video: NewZeroland

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Overall the Energica Ego is a perfect choice if you like to ride high-performance bikes. But the good thing is this Ego is an all-electric superbike so it will have zero maintenance which will save you a lot of money if you compare it to any other sports bike in the market. Also, it has 260 miles of running range so you can take it for a long ride with high power.

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