ZERO S Motorcycle price, range, 0-60 & all specs

Pollution is becoming a severe problem for almost all developed, developing, or underdeveloped countries. It’s finally time for humans to take strict actions to curtail this increasing pollution. If we consider the contributions of two-wheelers to pollution, we will be shocked to know they contribute around 20 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

If you are a responsible citizen and consider pollution a severe affair, you can contribute by replacing your old bike with a ZERO S electric bike. Seems interesting. Let’s drive in to find out about the features and performance of this bike in detail.

Zero S Electric Bike

If you are a first-time rider looking for an entry-level electric bike, then there is no option better than the ZERO S motorcycle. it provides a balance between performance and rides by offering dual modes to its riders. The first model of the ZERO S motorcycle was released in 2009, and since then, it has evolved many times in the twelve

This Californian bike company promotes naked bike styles with minimal bodywork. That enables the rider to sit upright with relaxed feet, which is perfect for an entry-level biker. When it comes to acceleration and torque, then it is way ahead of the other bikes in the same segments.

This bike can achieve a maximum speed of 98 Mph with its sustainable speed of 80 Mph without any issues. The bike uses regenerative braking to save energy which further increases the battery life.

Zero S Motorcycle Features

  • ZERO S electric bike is indeed a bike of the future that offers a customized riding experience that no other bike in this segment has.
  • It has a battery management system, a charging system, and advanced telemetric recording.
  • It also offers Bluetooth and cellular connectivity to increase the usability of the bike for its users.
  • You also get an optional power bank battery to increase its riding capacity.
  • It got a 110 mm 17-inch tire on the front and a 114 mm 17-inch tire at the end.
zero s motorcycle
Zero S Motorcycle Image: Zero Motorcycles

Zero S Price

This is the top variant of the electric bike. The base variant may cost you $10995 USD, while the 14.4 KWH variant may cost $15495 USD. The cost of a power tank is around 2895 USD.

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Zero S Range & Battery

ZERO S bike has three configurations to select the best according to your budget and range. The primary 7.2 KWH power model has a range of 89 miles while driving within the city, whereas it can go as far as 60 miles when you are using this on a highway at 70Mph speed.

The next variant is powered by a 14.4 kWh battery and can cover 179 miles within the city and 90 miles on highways. You can add a 3.3 KWH power tank to increase its range to 2-3 miles in the city and 112 miles on highways.

Zero S Power & Performance

The Zero S is a powerful electric bike that can produce up to 46 hp (36kW) max power with 4,300 rpm and 78 lb-ft (106 Nm) peak torque. With this power, the Zero S top speed is around 98 mph but the sustainable speed is 80 mph. And this Zero S will accelerate from 0-60 mph in around 4.5 seconds.

The ZERO S bike offers three modes of charging. The standard mode lets you charge your bike by using a 1.3 KW charger. This charging option is best suited for homes and may take a maximum of 5 hours to get fully charged.

The second mode of charging is quick charging which is optional, and it charges your bike in just three hours. Whereas, with the rapid charge option, you can charge your bike up to 95 percent within an hour.
But this is not preferable for home as you will have to visit a level to charging station.

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Zero S Specifications


  • 2 years warranty on Standard Motorcycle
  • 5 years/unlimited miles warranty on Power Pack


  • Peak torque is 78 lb-ft (106 Nm), Peak power is 34 kW (46 hp) @ 4,300 rpm
  • Top speed – 98 mph (max 158 km/h) whereas (sustained) is 80 mph.
  • Type – Z-Force® radial flux, high efficiency, 75-5 passively air-cooled, permanent interior magnet, brushless motor
  • This bike uses a Highly efficient 550 amp, a 3-phase brushless controller that supports regenerative braking.
Zero S price
Zero Motorcycle Image: Zero Motorcycle


  • Equivalent fuel economy within the city is 0.49 l/62 mph(100 km) whereas equivalent fuel economy while riding on the highway is 240 MPGe.
  • The typical cost to recharge – is $0.81

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Power system

  • Power pack – Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated electric bike with a Max capacity of 7.2 kWh and Nominal capacity of 6.3 kWh comes with a Charger type of 1.3 kW, integrated
  • Standard Charge time is 4.7 hours (95% charged)/5.2 hours (100% charged) whereas, With Charge Tank option is 1.0 hours (95% charged)/1.5 hours (100% charged)
  • It also comes with one accessory charger – 2.6 hours (95% charged)/3.1 hours (100% charged) whereas, with max accessory chargers – 1.1 hours (95% charged)/1.6 hours (100% charged)
  • The input used is a Standard volt of 110 V or 220 V


  • Wheelbase – 55.5 in (1,410 mm)
  • Seat height – 31.8 in (807 mm)
  • Rake – 24.0°
  • Trail – 3.2 in (80 mm)


  • Curb weight – 313 lb (142 kg)
  • Carrying capacity – 404 lb (183 kg)


  • Transmission – Clutchless direct drive
  • Final drive – 90T / 18T, Carbon belt

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Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

  • Front suspension – Showa 41 mm inverted cartridge forks with adjustable spring preload, compression, and rebound damping with a travel of 6.25 inches.
  • Rear suspension – Showa 40 mm piston, piggy-back reservoir shock with adjustable spring preload, compression, and rebound damping with a travel of 161 mm.
  • It uses Bosch Gen 9 ABS, and J-Juan 320 x 5 mm disc front brakes and Bosch Gen 9 ABS, J-Juan 240 x 4.5 mm disc rear brakes
  • Front tire – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 110/70-17
  • Rear tire – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 140/70-17
  • Front-wheel – 3.00 x 17
  • Rear wheel – 3.50 x 17
Zero S Electric Bike
Zero S Electric Bike Image: Zero Motorcycle

Zero S Motorcycle Specs

Motor3-phase Brushless Motor
Battery7.4 kWh & 14.4 kWh
Range89 miles to 179 miles
Horsepower46 hp
Torque78 lb-ft (106 Nm) of torque
Top Speed98 mph (157 km/h)
0-60 mph time4.5 seconds
Charging Time5 hours to 1 hour
Seat Height31.8 in (807 mm)
Curb Weight313 lb (142 kg)
Max Weight Capacity404 lb (183 kg)
Zero S Motorcycle Specs

FAQs of Zero S Motorcycle

How much does a Zero S electric bike cost?

The Zero S electric bike is available in 2 different variants where the base model costs $10,995 and the top model cost $15,495.

Does the Zero S have traction control?

Yes, the Zero S has traction control.

What is the range of the Zero S Motorcycle?

The Zero S Motorcycle is available in 2 different variants where the base model has up to 89 miles of range/charge and the top model has up to 179 miles of range/charge.

How fast does the Zero S motorcycle go?

The Zero S motorcycle can go up to 98 mph at top speed.

Do Zero motorcycles have reverse?

Yes, Zero motorcycles are electric bikes so they have a reverse option also.

Zero S Motorcycle Video: Mark Pulling

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This is a fantastic and high-powered bike that comes with one of its kind unique features, design, and specifications. One thing that anyone would love is the quality of ride that this electric bike has to offer. Remember the riding posture, which is more relaxed and comfortable. But for someone who is just
entering the segment. This ZERO S electric bike is perfect to start with it.

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