Pilot and Flying J Stations now have Fast Chargers for EV Trucks

As of the increase in the number of EVs across the world, the transportation industry also slowly adopting electrification for transportation with long-range electric trucks.

But the biggest challenge for EV trucks is to Fast charge the trucks while traveling a long distance. And right now there are not enough EV chargers or EV charging infrastructure available to charge an Electric Truck on the major routes.

So, To solve this problem VolvoGroup has partnered with a Pilot company to install DC-Fast charging infrastructures for Electric trucks.

Volvo has partnered with the Pilot company because they have more than 750 pilots and Flying J truck stations across North America and Canada.

So, Volvo doesn’t need to find any major spot to install the EV chargers due to Pilot company has its Truck Stations across all major routes across America which most truckers use.

Right now there are not any details revealed by the company about how many EV chargers are to be installed and how many truck stations will have the EV chargers.

Now on Chargers, Volvo has also not revealed anything about which type of EV chargers will be installed and how many EV chargers will be installed.

But we can expect these EV truck chargers will be DC-Fast chargers with Megawatt charging systems, which can charge the trucks very fast.

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Now we can expect these EV Truck chargers will be ready to charge the trucks by the mid of 2023 or by the end of 2023.

Let us know in the comment below what do you think about the Electrification of Transportation Trucks and others EVs. Will it make Transportation cheaper and more convenient than an internal combustion truck?

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