Tesla’s third-generation EVs will be more affordable than ever

As we know that Tesla is a luxury high-performance electric vehicle manufacturer and its EV s price was a little expensive when it launched. But over the past few years, Tesla cut its EV price by up to 30% in its first and second-generation EVs.

So, right now we can see a big price difference in its first and second-generation EVs, but the amazing thing is Tesla s upcoming third-generation EV platform can make its EVs more affordable and cheaper while being a high-performance EV manufacturer.

Also, we can see an EV price war going on in the world where every company has cut its EV prices to attract more customers. So in the future, we can expect more affordable electric vehicles in the market with many options.

So, win this EV price war Tesla is now ready to launch its third generation EV platform on investors day on march 1. At this Tesla event, Elon Musk mentioned he will disclose the Teslas master plan part 3, where they set a goal to produce 20 million units per year.

Where recently Tesla cut up to 20% price of its Tesla Model Y including an EV Tax credit it will become a more affordable EV in the market.

Yes it is true Tesla is now ready to produce up to 15 to 20 million vehicles per year and its plan and new third-generation EV platform details will be revealed on March 1.

So, if Tesla can achieve this 20 million vehicle per year then it can easily reduce the price of its EV due to mass production. Also, Tesla’s new battery technology and design of it will be more cost-efficient so batteries may become cheaper. If the battery becomes cheaper then the EV also becomes cheaper.

Due to this new Third generation platform and the big mass production of vehicles. Now we can see the upcoming Tesla’s $25,000 electric car also developed under this new platform which will make it possible for Tesla to make this affordable EV.

Also, from this new platform, we can expect the Tesla Cybertruck production also become fast and by 2024 the Cybertruck will be produced up to 5 million units per year.

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