New Aptera solar EV price, top speed & specs 2023

Aptera Motors has made the world’s first solar-powered electric car which can travel up to 1000miles with a single charge. So here is the Aptera solar EV price, performance, and all specifications.

The Aptera electric car can be a new revolution in the electric vehicles segment, by its high performing solar cell charging system which can travel up to 1000miles with a single full charge which is amazing.

The Aptera solar EV top model comes with a 100kWh battery which can recharge itself by the solar cells which are attached at the top of the car. Even if you’re driving the car.

The Aptera solar cells which are attached at the top of the car can produce extra power which will give an extra 40 miles range on a sunny day. Also, Aptera claims that even if there is not sufficient sunlight available it can still produce extra power which will give 20 miles of range.

The Aptera solar EV price is starting from $25,900 and will go up to $46,000 for the top model.

Aptera solar EV specifications

Release dateEnd of 2023
MotorPermanent magnet type wheel mounted motor
Transmission1-speed auto
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity25-40-60 and 100kWh battery
Range250-1000 miles
Max power110hp
Max torque300Nm
Top speed110mph
0-60mph3.5-5.5 seconds
charging time8 hours
Seating capacity2
Kerb weight1,800-2,200 lb
Aptera solar EV specifications

Aptera solar EV dimensions

The Aptera electric car has a unique design and its dimensions are different than any other car.

Aptera solar EV dimensions

Aptera solar EV price

The Aptera solar EV price starts from $25,000 for its base model and goes up to $46,000 for the top model. This price is now only for the USA and another country price update is not revealed from Aptera.

Aptera solar EV release date

The Aptera solar EV release date is delayed from the covid pandemic and now the release date of the Aptera electric car will be at the end of 2023. But the official Aptera release date is not released by the company.

Whenever the official release date is updated from Aptera we will update it here very soon.

Aptera solar EV range & battery

Battery capacityRange
25kWh250 miles
40kWh400 miles
60kWh600 miles
100kWh1000 miles
Aptera solar ev range

The Aptera solar EV will be the first electric vehicle to clams the 1000miles traveling range from a single charge. The Aptera solar EV comes with different battery packs which provide different traveling ranges.

Aptera solar EV is available in four different battery packs 25, 40, 60, and a 100kWh battery pack. The battery range will start from 250 miles from a single charge to 1000miles which can be achieved from the top model 100kWh battery.

Also with the help of 700watt solar cells which are on the top of the Aptera EV, which can provide an extra 40miles range on a hot summer day with good sunlight.

But on a normal day with less sunlight, it can produce some extra range which can help to travel extra 20 miles. For more information, you can visit their website and find out your city’s sunlight intensity and calculate the range from it.

Aptera claims that the long range is achieved from the new aerodynamic design of the Aptera solar EV.

Aptera electric car
Aptera solar cells image credit: Aptera Motors

Aptera solar EV power & torque

The Aptera solar EV’s exact power and torque are not revealed from the Aptera. But we think that the Aptera solar EV max power will be around 110hp to 200hp which can achieve 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds with all-wheel driving. 5.5 seconds with front-wheel driving.

The Aptera solar EV comes with a 110hp permanent magnet DC motor which is wheel mounted at the front, you can get an option for All-wheel driving with all wheels mounted with a DC motor.

Aptera solar EV Design & exterior

Aptera solar EV exterior design is different from any other car. The Aptera electric car has an Aerodynamic Design that is inspired by an aircraft. Aptera is curved at the nose, wide along the sides, and tapered toward the trunk.

The Aptera solar EV is one of the most lightweight electric vehicles on the market. The Aptera electric car body is built with Ultra-lightweight composites with an eggshell shape which is seven-time stronger than steel. So the safety of this car is also so good.

Also, the car’s weight is only 1,800-2,200lb which makes it very light, so less weight means less energy to move.

However, the Aptera solar EV is a solar-powered electric car so there is the problem of overheating. So Aptera developed a new skin cooling system that cools down the car whenever it overheated.

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Aptera solar EV interior

The Aptera EV is a two-seater electric vehicle. The Aptera solar EV interior looks premium and luxurious which can give you a comfortable traveling experience. Inside we can see a big around 10-inch touchscreen information system which had all access to the car.

Also, the side view mirror is replaced by the digital viewing mirror inside of the car. Like every car, you can see a cup holder, wireless charging, USB ports, etc you can see inside.

Aptera solar ev interior
Aptera EV interior

Aptera solar EV FAQs

What is the range of an Aptera?

The Aptera solar EV top model comes with a 100kWh battery, Which can travel 1000miles from a single charge.

Is Aptera self driving?

Right now Aptera has not mentioned any information about its self-driving mode, So I think the Aptera solar EV is not a self-driving car.

How much does Aptera solar cost?

The Aptera solar price starts from $25,000 for its base model and goes up to $46,000 for its top model.

Does the Aptera have AC?

Yes, the Aptera has both heat and AC systems in it.

How many reservations does Aptera have?

According to some reports, Aptera has more than 7,000 reservations.

Aptera electric car video credit: Aptera Motors


In my opinion, the Aptera solar EV will be the next future of electric cars which can change the concept of the electric car. However, the real reliability and performance will be known from actual road tests of the Aptera electric car.

The Aptera solar EV specifications and power output are also good enough with the long-running range making the Aptera solar EV a special electric car in the segment. The design of the Aptera EV is different from any other car on the market, in my opinion, it has to be a four-seater car more than a two-seater. Because we cannot travel in this car with our family or friends because it has space for only two persons.

Let’s see how it performs if people really like it when it is available for sale. Also, the Aptera electric car range will become around 100miles less after extra power consumption like AC, charging, etc. So, we can consider the Aptera solar EV range will be around 900miles per charge.

Thank you for reading for any quires comment down below.

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