Tynee Mini 2 price, range, review, top speed & all specs

The Tynee Mini 2 is an all-electric skateboard made by Tyneeboard. This mini 2 is a high-performance electric skateboard with helpful features like an on/off skateboard with remote, multiple modes, long-range, and many more which make this skateboard unique.

So, here are all the specs and features of Tynee mini 2 with user reviews that help you to make the perfect decision on buying this electric skateboard for yourself.

Tynee Mini 2 Features

  • High Performance
  • Big Battery
  • Long range
  • Multiple modes
  • High-Torque
  • Less water damage
  • Remote control
  • 2 motors
  • Break Light
  • 6 Month Warranty

Tynee Mini 2 weight & Dimension

The Mini 2 is an electric shortboard so it is compact in size. The deck design of the Tynee Mini 2 is the same as Boosted Mini because according to Tynee it has the best concave design in the market. And the quality of the board is good enough.

tynee mini 2 dimension
Image: Tyneeboard

The dimension of Mini 2 is 760mm in length, 289mm in width, and 149mm in height. And this board weighs 16.9 lbs with a Hub motor and 17.6 lbs with a Belt motor.

Now on wheels, there are 4 different wheel dimension are available to choose which are 85mm, 90mm, 97mm, and 105 mm.

Also, this shortboard can hold a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs or 150kg. And it has preinstalled front and back protectors.

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Tynee Mini 2 Price

The cost of Tynee Mini 2 starts from $599 for the base model which is also a powerful skateboard. But Tynee has offered to upgrade it’s Motor and wheels which make it more powerful and reliable.

And this upgraded model has a more powerful Belt Motor and bigger 105mm cloud wheels which cost around $699 or you can get a 2-in-1 90mm PU wheels and 105mm cloud wheels model which cost $799.

Hub Motor90mm PU Wheels$599
Hub Motor105 Cloudwheels$699
Hub Motor2 in 1(90mm PU + 105mm Cloud wheels)$739
Belt Motor90mm PU Wheels$659
Belt Motor105 Cloudwheels$759
Belt Motor2 in 1(90mm PU + 105mm Cloud wheels)$799
Tynee Mini 2 price

Tynee Mini 2 Range & Battery

The Tynee mini electric shortboard comes with 2 different Molicel battery packs with different ranges. The smaller battery with 216 Wh with 13 miles of range and the bigger 363 Wh battery with 25 miles of range from a single charge.

Also, this skateboard has Regenerative Breaking which produces some extra mile of range while you apply breaks.

And this battery can produce up to 50.4V high voltage. These batteries can fully charge in 3-4 hours from a regular AC charger.

According to Tynee, the battery of Mini 2 is more water resistant and has less water damage than any other brand.

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tynee mini 2 range
Image: Tyneeboard

Tynee Mini 2 Power & Performance

According to Tynee the Tynee Mini 2 is one of the most powerful electric skateboards available in the market right now. The Mini 2 has Dual-Rear mounted 850W motors(Hub or Belt) which produce a maximum of 1.7 kW of power with 125 high torque.

With this power, the top speed of the Mini 2 is around 30mph which is a good speed for an Electric Shortboard.

Also, Mini 2 has a 12s latest Hobbywing ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) which increases its control and the skateboard can easily turn on/off with a remote. And the motors are also easily replaceable.

And an improved radiator which is help to reduce the heating problem and improves the performance.

Tynee Mini 2 Modes & Remote

There are 4 different modes available in the mini 2 with different power outputs and speeds.

ModeMax Speed
Slow Mode9 mph
Normal Mode15 mph
Fast Mode21 mph
Turbo Mode30 mph
Tynee Mini 2 Modes
tynee mini 2 remote
Image: Tyneeboard


The Tynee mini 2 comes with a smart remote from which you can control the skateboard like on/off, and control the brake light. Also, it has an OLED screen on the remote which shows the speed, range, battery %, mode, etc on the screen.

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Tynee Mini 2 Review

The Tynee Mini 2 has a good review on their official website where more than 100 people shared their reviews on this and most of them are 5 stars. So, we can tell that this electric skateboard is a good product and most of the customers are satisfied with its power and performance.

Also, most of the reviews appreciate its speed and power, battery life, and its stability. So, with this many positive reviews, you should consider buying it, if you thinking to buy one electric skateboard.

Tynee Mini 2 Specs

Battery TypeMolicel
Battery Capacity216 Wh – 363 Wh
Range13-25 miles
Motor TypeHub or Belt Motor(Dual Motor)
Motor Power850W
ESC Voltage50.4V
WaterproofLess Damage from water(Not fully waterproof)
Power1.7 kW
Torque125 High Torque
Top Speed30 mph
Charging Time3-4 Hours
Regenerative BreakingYes
Wheels Options85mm/90mm/97mm/105mm
Wheels90mm*62mm SHR78A
Dimension760mm(L), 289mm(W), 149mm(H)
Weight Limit330 lbs
Board Weight16.9 lbs to 17.6 lbs
Warranty6 months
Tynee Mini 2 Specs

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Tynee Mini 2 FAQs

How fast does the Tynee Mini 2 go?

The Tynee Mini 2 has a powerful 1.7 kW motor that can reach up to a top speed of 30 mph.

How long does a Tynee Mini 2 last?

The Tynee mini 2 can last up to 13 miles from a small 216 Wh battery and 25 miles of range from a 363 Wh battery pack.

Can you ride Tynee Mini 2 in rain?

Yes, you can ride Tynee Mini-2 in rain but it’s not fully waterproof, So we recommend not using it longer in rain.

How long does it take to charge Tynee Mini 2?

Tynee Mini 2 takes up to 3-4 hours for a full charge.

How much does a Tynee Mini 2 cost?

The base model of Mini 2 price starts from $599 and the top model goes up to $799.

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Video: Electrek.co


If you are looking to buy an electric skateboard, this Tynee Mini 2 will be a good choice for you due to its high performance and range which will did not disappoint you. Also, the top speed and the range which is offered by this Mini 2 skateboard are not compatible with any other electric skateboard in the Market.

Also, from the many positive customer reviews on this Mini 2, we will recommend you buy this one for yourself if you’re looking for an Electric skateboard.

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