This is the Worlds fastest Tesla Cyberquad with a 44 mph top speed

If you know about the Tesla Cyberquad which is a fully electric Cyberquad ATV made for kids. So it’s made for kids it has less power and a quite long-range for a small electric ATV.

But did you know about this upgraded version of the Tesla Cyberquad ATV which has 4X power than the existing original Tesla ATV and it is officially the world’s fastest Tesla Cyberquad ATV?

This upgraded Cyberquad ATV is made by a person called Domo who replaced its existing battery and its motor with some extra accessories. Domo replaced the existing 36V battery pack with a big 72V 63 Amp-hour battery and upgraded the 36V motor with a 72V motor.

With this battery and motor upgrade, this Tesla Cyberquad ATV now can produce more power than the existing Cyberqua ATVs. So, this new upgraded Tesla ATV can reach up to a top speed of 44 mph whereas the original Tesla ATV can reach only a 10 mph top speed.

So, this new ATV is able to produce 4X power than the existing ATV and the range of this new ATV is similar to the existing ATV because this new ATV needs more power to achieve this high performance. So, the range on both Tesla ATVs is around 15-20 miles.

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In addition, Domo replaced its Rear shock observer and new rear disc breaks so the rider can handle this Cyberquad ATV at its top speed. Overall it’s not safe to ride this small Tesla ATV at 44 mph top speed without any safety gears.

Also, now you can’t buy a new Tesla Cyberquad ATV because it’s all sold out the day it launched and now you can buy a used Tesla ATV which is cost you around $3k to $5k.

Also, let us know in the comment below what do you think about this upgraded Tesla ATV and what will you do if you have one of these.

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