The upcoming VW ID.7 has been spotted in Germany without any camouflage

The upcoming all-electric sedan from Volks Wagon the VW ID.7 has been spotted in Germany but this time without any camouflage on it which gives a proper view of the car.

This is the first time when this ID.7 has been spotted without any camouflage but earlier this year it has spotted with camouflage several times. So, we can expect VW to be in its final stage of testing it before it goes on for sale later in this year.

In the VW EV line up this ID.7 is the sixth all-electric car that has to be launched but only the ID.3 and this ID.7 will be launched globally and the remaining models are sold in china only.

vw id.7 electric sedan

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Earlier when VW revealed this ID.7 with a unique QR code design and revealed some of its amazing features like its 15-inch Touch screen display, automatic air condition system, and other features that made this car the best in the segment with all of the new specifications.

Now the range on this ID.7 is expected to be around 435 (700 km) miles from a single charge which is very impressive and the price of this electric sedan is expected to be around $30,000.

Overall this is an all-electric sedan with many futuristic features and has a long range which will be a good competition for many EVs in this segment.

So, let us know in the comment below what is the exited feature of this car in your opinion.

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